What an Awesome Serprise! Look What I Got For Christmas!!!

My new Samsung Galaxy SII

Look what I got from our kris kringle last Saturday…brand new and spanking Samsung Galaxy SII!!! I can go to heaven happy now. Really thank you!!!

Nyahahah, I wish! This is too good to be true! I only got the box, inside was a tiny envelope with some cash – bec that’s what I wrote in my wishlist, either cash (700P) or Samsung SII.

Anyway,  I was shouting and hyperventilating when I received it. I was really really excited. Everyone in the office knew how much I wanted to get this SII more than anything else. They were all watching as I unbox it then boom!!! Walang phone hahahha. Although at the back of my mind I knew already it wasn’t an SII, I still felt happy and excited. Never knew a box can get me so hyper hahahha. I knew it was Joseph who picked me. I saw it. Also, I had seen the gift prior to the party so I knew right away that he is giving me 700P.  I am such a spoiler, I know! That Friday, he told me someone’s asking daw if I am willing to pay the excess hahaha, I said, NO bec really, what I am demanding is too much for any one to bear. OMG this phone is at 31K selling price when our kris kringle is only about 700P.

Anyway, I appreciated the effort – the box and all. It would have been great kung totoo but it’s ok, I’ll get you soon, in one way or another, just wait!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Change Is Good

After giving it so much thought, come April 24, I am dropping the Chuvaness nick once and for all. Hello, I wasn’t born a Chuvaness noh? HAHAHA Besides, I don’t want to mislead people, plus I don’t wanna ride on anyone’s popularity if you know what I mean. What does Chuvaness mean btw? I don’t know. With all the chorva chenes cheverloo chenelyn that came out, chuvaness seems to be the cutest lol. Really, there’s no issue at all, I just want CHANGE. I also wanna change my template. Clean my blogroll. Buy new bed sheets. I want change! Now na. I’m also not pet-friendly, in fact I am dog-phobic, but this time, I’d like to get a pet dog, preferably a shitzu or chihuaha. It’ll be a very nice birthday gift, please include pet supplements as well lol.

Look, I’m usually very consistent but at this point in time, I want something new in my life. In a few days, I will be 20++ and I want to act according to my status and age…basta don’t call me chuvaness anymore, ok. I’m fine with….hmm Chuvachuchuness? hahahaha

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Searching For An Old Friend?

One of the things I’d like to do this year is to reunite with some of my high school friends. It’s been many years and I’d really like to get in touch with them again. Some of them moved to another town after HS and I’ve lost their contact numbers. If you need help in locating an old friend from high school or college, check out Area Code Search provided by reversephonedetective.com. Not only they could help you locate your long lost friends, they can also help you identify your prank callers, missed callers and give you detailed information about area codes nationwide. Check out their site for more information.

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Trace The Owner Of Any Phone


Do you receive a lot of anonymous calls?  Have you been getting callers harassing you every now and then? They could be your stalkers, you know. How would you like to get some information about them? Protect yourself from these stalker and harasser and  Trace Phone Numbers. You don’t know what they’re capable of doing, they could be a threat to you. Using a caller ID will provide you their names and phone number but that’s not enough information. Get more detailed information about the person that is calling you with Reversephonenumbertrace.com. They have a massive database of phone numbers and can give you the information you need anytime.

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Affordable Eyeglasses


Choosing the best eyewear to suit your face is a tremendous work. I remember when I bought my first prescription glasses, I spent days before I could  finally decide which style and color will fit on me. One rule here, make sure you choose the one that will complement the shape and size of your face. For all your Holiday frames and Holiday Eyeglasses needs, check out ZenniOptical.com. They can help you choose the one that can add balance to your features and will make you look attractive. You don’t wanna end up choosing the wrong style, right? It could give you a clumsy and nerdy look and can sometimes make you look old.

Your eyeglass frames should not just provide a perfect fit in you face, it should also create a balance. Here are some tips when choosing the right frames to suit your face shap:

For round faces, chose the wide and rectangular shapes to lengthen your face. For oval faces, choose frames that stretch slightly further than the broadest part of your face.Round shape frames looks great with oblong faces while more rounded frames looks great with a square face. In short, don’t ever choose a frame that  matches the shape of your face because it will exaggerate your features.

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The Joy of Singlehood

When a girl reached 30+++ and still single, there is a greater chance that she ends up living alone, unmarried and successful but maybe, not quite happy.

I am not yet 30 (will be in a COUPLE of yearssss) but just thinking about it (30++, single, unattached and hopefully rich) scares the hell out of me LOL. I just have this feeling that when you’re nearly crossing the finish line, you’re bound to  be single for the rest of your life, I am not generalizing of course, esp. now that many career women prefer to marry  in their 30s, but survey showed that very few male respondents felt okay to marry a 30-year-old. Alright, I sounded really desperate saying that hahaha.

Seriously, my dream of becoming the perfect bride, wearing the perfect bridal gown, bridal jewelry and bridal shoes from stylehive.com is yet to come because I am still enjoying my singlehood. Instead of romancing another person, I’m happy spending my life romancing life for all its worth.

I know it’s kinda pathetic, but being single means I don’t have to keep stalking YOU in Friendster. I love it that I can go out anytime I want, whenever I want. I love it that I don’t have to suffer from the annoyances of having a partner who keeps on asking my whereabouts. I am not pressured on being in my best and sweetest self all the time. I don’t have to worry if my nails aren’t polished, if my hair is frizzy, if I eat a lot or eat less, if I partied through the wee hours of the morning (which I don’t do), if I don’t textback or callback, if I roll on the floor laughing out loud, if I speak in chenes-tongues,  if I walk the streets of Carriedo/Quiapo/Divisoria for hours etc. Plus, I’m saving myself from insecurities, heartaches, headaches and the green-eyed-monster. FREEDOM IT IS!! I’m single and I’m fine, thank you for asking.

Don’t get me wrong here. I do not detest happy couples. And if you’re in a bllisfull relationship, I wouldn’t want you to get out from it. I’m getting there sooner or later but for now,  I’m quite happy that I can do MOORREE by just embracing my singleness, like:

1. I can stay in front of the computer for straight 15 hours

2. I can do DVD marathon for straight 12 hours (CSI Seasons 1-5, Prison Break 1-2, Ugly Betty, Kyle XY, korean flicks, Meteor Garden, Hwang Jini, Jang Geum, Smallville, Grey’s, OTH)

3. I can stay awake the whole night just blogging, youtubing and partly chatting

4. I can watch 5 movies (straight) during rest day

5. I can stay at home couched at the sofa for hours doing nothing

6. I can read books from cover to cover several times, to the point of memorizing the lines

7. I can survive without using cellphone, landline but spare my DSL connection, ok.

8. I can spend many many hours with my gurlfriends eating out, watching movies and talking loud at each other

9. I can go somewhere else without ever worrying if YOU have eaten your breakfast, lunch and dinner

10. I don’t feel crying over petty things

Plus many many other things. Yah know, it’s great to be single. Boring? Am I missing anything? Nope. I’d say, I’m living my BEST LIFE NOW whether YOU believe it or not.

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Flowers For You

Sending flowers has been used throughout the history to convey messages that are much too difficult to put into words. We send flowers for various reasons and occassions – at times of celebration and of grief, as tokens of hope and friendship and as a way to say “I love you”.  DO you like receiving flowers? I don’t. I like sending flowers better. So I am sending some of you a bouquet of virtual flowers. Enjoy!

Rosebud for Reynz, Hibiscus for Pusa, red Carnation for Bluep, purple carnation for Kotsengkuba, Rosemary for Bords, pink rose and white lilac for Chuva, Gardenia for Jojie, stripped carnation for ex, orange lilies for Diwa, orange blossom for K, aimz, ruthie, syana and mimi, yellow rose for snow, pink rose for mitchie, yellow rose for Lizzie, Calla Lilies for Manay Beng, white camellia to manay cheh and manay thess, orchids for mami keng, daisy for maru and a bunch of orange lillies for me!!!!

And also, a truck of Marigold for my frenemies and detractors lol plus a pink carnation to you all. Mwaaah!

Don’t have time to go to Dangwa? Check out  bloomsByTheBox.com to buy the freshest, highest-quality wholesale flowers, wedding flowers and floral supplies online.

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Blogging From Home

I lived half of my life living in this small town near the Bulacan province. I love it here. I live very close to my cousins and I have many happy childhood memories here. But things change. Recently, I moved in to a new place near the office where I work. My sister also moved in to another place near her office. And now, my 2 brothers has decided to moved to a new house somewhere in Manila, where both of them work. OMG! Who’s going to stay in this apartment now? This house will be locked on weekdays and that scares me. I have plenty of stuff in my house you know LOL. I have to think of a plan. Should I move to some place else, in QC perhaps? Or Manila? Should I buy a house and lot instead? OK, next week, I’ll talk to my friend to help me find a townhouse. She works in a real estate company for years now.

PS, if you’re looking for a property around the cities of Wilmington and Jacksonville, do check out Wilmington NC real estate. Nice new homes they got there.

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The Horror Chorvaley in the Blogosphere

Is it Halloween Season season already? Why oh why are there lots of scary and nasty people on the internet these days? I’m seeing nothing but shallow, empty and airhead people who are enjoying the limelight because it feeds their ego. These are the people who put others down, so they will emerge as superior to everyone. They indulge in getting such fame, in an unjust and selfish way. They justify themselves by picking on the weakness of others. And to make themselves feel good they threaten you with their “I’m the best among the rest” motto. There’s really nothing wrong with getting fame, glory and power. I mean, who doesn’t like to be famous? Certainly not me hahaha. Heck, I want to be a star, a shining one so I can be a guiding light for others living in the dark hahaha. But there are far more important things than that. Like truth and justice and equality.

Yeah, I see dead people and they scare the heck out of me. Hahaha. I’m threatened.

It isn’t halloween and yet Dracula and his mignons are all over the town – killer clown, witchie witch, Frankenstein and zombie LOL.

But something’s missing. They don’t have Halloween Costumes yet! They better check out Moon Costumes, the premier online store who make great Halloween outfits. They offer unique selection of adult and child costumes, masks, mascot and Cosplay costumes, hats, wigs and other accessories. Their online catalog is easy to browse and they provide bulletproof security for every online purchase.

Can’t wait to see them parading with their costumes on. I’m sure, they’ll surely look good on it. Hahaha. Advance happy halloween to all!!!

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I Want an SLR. Now na!!!


I was chatting with Manay Thess last night and we talked about purchasing my first ever SLR camera. From Nikon D60 to Canon EOS 350D and EOS 450D. For a novice like me, my first choice is the D60 but the Canon 450D, although a little bit pricey than Nikon, comes with better features. With her persuasion and just advice, I’ve made up my mind. Canon 450D it is! Can’t wait. I’m thinking of buying it online since it’s a lot cheaper there than in malls here. I also checked Hidalgo, and man, they’re too pricey, particularly that model! I checked Amazon and they sell the item for 650$ only. Wow! That’s way too cheap for a Canon SLR.

One big problem though, I don’t have cash. Hahaha

Good thing I have my credit card. This is just what I like credit cards, they help you get the items you want instantly! They help you save time and charges. They make your online purchases fast, secured and easy. Although it get a lot of bad press, especially when it comes to people getting into debt, credit card holder can actually enjoy a number of extremely important advantages if they’re just diligent about paying on time and exact amount.

If you need a Bad Credit Credit Card now, visit gettingacreditcard.com. They’re the number 1 resource to get great credit card offers. Apply now and enjoy!

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