How big is the audience who read blogs?

Internet is all about social media.

Friendster, Multiply, Myspace, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter and yes, even BLOGS – these are the sites that allow people to connect with other people from all parts of the world. Amazing, isn’t it? Nowadays, reaching out to people who lives half the globe away has never been this easy. With social media services, people can communicate better, connect with each other and share common interests. With all this social media sites available, which one do you love most? My answer is, of course, blogging.

Do you know how big is the audience who read blogs? Very big indeed. According to research, there are more than 110 million blogs being tracked by Technorati and it gets more and more each day. Wow! I am glad to be a part of that 110M blogs! Do you know that more people tend to read blogs now rather than newspapers? I probably spend 4 hours or more each day reading on blogs. How about you? What really amazes me is the power of BLOGs on people who reads them. Like when I want to watch a movie, I make sure I read on blogger’s review first before really watching it. And when I go out with my friends for a fun night, we usually end up eating in a nice resto I’ve read on blogs. You see what blogging can do? Make or break, right?

Do you need help promoting your business? Do you need help deciding which marketing solution will work for your products or services? If you’re looking for better ways to market your company be it on blog posts, blog sponsorships and even product sampling, IZEA (Social Spark and PayPerPost) can help you. They’re the leader in social media marketing industry.This next-generation, innovative web-based company aims to empower everyone to value and exchange content, creativity & influence.

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Content Is King

I am one of those people who find fulfillment in writing. Be it on a blog, diary, publication, notebooks and yes, even on walls, I always find writing easy and fun to do. Hahaha. I am not claiming that I am a good at it but infairness to me, LOL, I think I can pull off some really nice story and articles if I want to. Hahaha. Seriously, writing is my passion. I mean one of my passions. When I get old and gray, it’ll be nice to look back, err, read back and reminisce the memories of the past love affairs, heartaches and many wonderful moments. Didn’t I mention to you that I love History? Starting today, this blog will be the wonderful history of my life and work and it will be published into a book someday and will be used in school as a resource for inspiration etc. Hahaha. Just kidding, truth is I’ve always struggled to write serious and informative blog content all my life. I mean, hello, I can never come up with a single paragraph without Hahaha or LOL at the end of it. If there’s one thing I am really good at, that is writing letters – cover letters, resignation letters and of course, love letters! LOL

If writing is your weakness and you find it hard to express your thoughts into letters and words and usually ends up with a copied article (talk about plagiarism), here’s an option for you – can offers web article writing, Premium Content Writing, News Articles, Language Articles, Translation Services at great prices and quality. They are a web content creation company providing web content in large volumes. And if you’re in need of news feed to help your site become more popular on search engine rankings, is just one click away, visit their website now.

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For Sale: Portable DVD Player

Going home to the province takes almost 20 hours by bus ride. You don’t know how boring it can get, especially during night, with nothing to do but sleep, chat with your seatmate and look out of the window. How would you like to travel long hours on a long train or bus ride while watching your favorite movie? I think it’s great! I like that idea! It’ll surely make those boring moments disappear and will make the journey more fun. Well, you could do that now with a portable dvd player. It’s a compact version of home DVD players, comes with a small monitor, which allows you to see movies anytime and anywhere you are! Very convenient, very handy plus I heard, they’re very cheap nowadays.

This is surely a great find for people who’s always in the go. Enjoy the convenience of having your favorite movies within a click away, get yourself a portable DVD player! To help you choose the right portable dvd player for you – quality, easy to use and affordable – check out this review of portable dvd players online. I hope it helps!

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Wag sayanging ang byuti..use it to your advantage.

Paging Pusa, Reyna Elena, Chuva, Maru, Jojitah and all the beautiful bloggers out there!!!! This is it mga amigos y amigas!!!!

Mga manay, Look of the year are looking for people from all over the world to send in their best pictures and become the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan! Bongga divanetch! They’re looking for us!!! Open for boys, girls and in betweens!! Mga feelingera dali…join ever na kayo mga sisterettes! Feel ko din ever ang mag join-join noh who knows baka itetchiwa na ang chance ketch na maging succesfulness!!! If you’re young, beautiful and keri mag join ng beauty contest…wag na mag dalawang isip!

Trulala itetch walang halong eklavu ok. If you have questions, read the guidelines at Ang panalo winner!!! Mag uuwi ng 10,000 hindi pesoses kundi dollars. Bongga talaga to mga ‘neng!!! Grab it or someone else will take it take it! Sayang ang byuti di ba..kaya use it to your advantage.

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Keep it clean and longer lasting

Putting a carpet is quite easy but maintaining it can be very hard. If you have installed one in your home, you definitely must have a vacuum along with it to help you in keeping your carpet clean, so it will last longer. It is the single most important line of defense that you need! Other than helping you clean your carpets, vacuums can also be used for cleaning your furniture, window coverings, ceiling fans, and lamp shades.

Vacuum cleaners have been around a long time and the technology improves on them regularly. Are you thinking of buying a new vacuum for your carpet needs? There are many available vacuums around so make sure you choose the one that will work best for you. Make sure you read various articles and vacuum reviews online to help you choose the right product. Two things you need to consider when purchasing your own vacuum is its functionality and your budget. To help you better determine which one will work best for your home, check out this site about vacuum reviews I found online. Take time reading those  vacuum reviews first before you purchase, ok.



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Send Me Some Love…Send Me a Snail Mail

I grew up in the 80’s, obviously without the internet, and snail mail was the only means of getting in touch with my friends. I can still remember how it feels whenever I receive letters from my pen pals. LOL. Seriously, I never had a penpal but I’d write often to some of my friends who live in the province and some of my elementary classmates. Don’t you love snail mails too? I think they’re the sweetest!

In these modern times, most of us prefer using electronic mails but I personally think snail mails are still the sweetest form of correspondence. Very intimate and personal. I love receiving them. Just Christmas last year, I got one from Manay Che in Germany and another one from Lizzie. Thank you guys for remembering me….that’s really very sweet of you.

Do you have your own mailbox in your house? We don’t have any. When I was a lot younger, our next-door neighbor who lived in a gated house have several mailboxes and I often check them. Hahaha. Although snail mails are no longer the ‘IN’ thing today, I think mailboxes are still necessary.You sure still get important mails from banks and other institutions, right? And the best way you can protect your mails from theft is to put them in a mailbox.

For all your mailboxes needs, whether mounted, with locking options and others that can be customized with your personal address or name, Seattle Luxe system have them for you. Choose from the many options they have on their website and start ordering your own mailbox today!

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Which should I buy Xbox, PS3 or Wii?

I used to spend a lot of my break time in the office playing game consoles with my collegaues. Yeah, you’re reading it right, we have playstations and xboxes in the office and we’re allowed to play during break times. They’re really addicting. Now I’m thinking if I should just buy my own PS3 or XBox. I’d probably get XBox since I’m more familiar with its settings and configuration. Plus it has many really good games and can be modified much more than the PS3.

But in all fairness to Sony PS3 though, they have the much more powerful hardware, and they offer free firmware upgrades. Thay also have built-in blu-ray player and support 1.3 HDMI compared to XBox’s 1.2 HDMI. That means PS3 has richer colors and have way better graphics than 360.

Here’s another reason why XBox is better, when it comes to online gaming community, XBox 360 still has a much larger following although, you have to pay for a year’s worth of online gaming service (PS3’s online play is free). No wonder why most of the time they don’t work. I personally would rather pay for something I know that is going to work than have a free service that doesn’t work all the time.

Here’s the catch, I was watching TV last night and they featured this seventh generation of video game systems called Wii. It has a wireless controller and Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detect movement in three dimensions. Hehehe. The makers of Wii says its Remote controller aimed “To make gaming as accessible to people of all ages and all abilities…”. I love it! It’s wireless, innovative, affordable, and offers an exciting gaming experience.

Now I know which one I should buy. Wii it is!!!

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GPS, a stalker’s bestfriend!

Are you afraid of being followed by your spouse? How do you feel about being tracked by your wife anywhere you go using GPS Tracking technology? ?

One important thing about GPS is that it helps you to figure out where someone is and where he/she is going when traveling from one place to another. This is useful especially to find your kids and your pets, but with the case of couples, I think GPS tracking is like an invasion of one’s privacy. Don’t you think so? Although this technology would allow you to find out if your husband is becoming unfaithful to you, I still think it is not fair. Where’s the element of trust in the relationship? Each of us has our own life and we deserve our own personal space and privacy. I am not against the use of GPS tracking but how far can you go just to prove something? Remember, what you don’t know wont hurt you, dear. My point is simple, learn to trust your partner. That’s all. Anyway, if he/she is cheating on you, you’ll know it. But hey, if you wanna stalk your husband like a mad woman, then use GPS for all I care! Hahaha. Now don’t get me wrong, I think GPS is a great tool especially for Law enforcement. This makes it easier for them to find drug and other crimial operations.

Nowadays, GPS Tracking systems have become very common. It can be installed in cell phones and satellite phones. New car models have GPS systems as well. At sea, a GPS system can mean the difference between life and death for sailors and most boats and ships. They can be worn on the wrist, like a watch. People convicted of certain crimes may be allowed to serve part of their sentence in the community on condition that they wear a GPS transmitter permanently strapped to one ankle so that the authorities can then track them wherever they go. Indeed, GPS Tracking has become one of the greatest inventions over the past years.


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Guidelines on Choosing a New Computer

If you’re working on assembling a new computer, one thing you need to pay attention to is choosing the right Hard Drives. Aside from having big storage capacity, hard drives will affect the over all performance of your computer. If you put a crappy hard drive on your machine, it’ll become prone to failure HDD means less space for the virtual memory, and the less free space means more fragmentation of files, which will lead to longer load times. Now when this happens, it will cause some applications to crash thus reducing the performance of your computer.
The bigger the better. Bigger hard drive means you can store more high end softwares and run multiple applications without worrying constant computer crashes. If you’re an average user, you will need 50 – 100 GB (pictures, document files, etc.) over a 3-year period. But if you are a graphics designer, programmer working on large files, you need to purchase bigger HD. One thing though, they can be expensive sometimes but if you can afford it, go bigger! Here’s an alternative for you, you can avail Cheap Drives at They offer quality, affordable and discounted Hard Disk and Cheap Drives for all your information technology hardware needs.

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Suffering from bad credit? Here’s a hope for you!

Missing the deadline payment is the most obvious reason why people get bad credit. Many people tend to overlook this, thus late fees and interest rate hikes. When that happens, you get bad credit record and it will be hard for you to apply credit cards, mortgages and loans in the future.

I’ve been there…done that and I tell you, it’s very annoying. I hate it whenever I miss out paying my credit card on time. The amount of money they’ll charge you is just way too much. If you allow that to happen each month, you’ll realize you’re paying for late charges more than the real purchases you’ve had.

The number of “bad credit” consumers are growing each day. Sometimes, that can’t be avoided. If you’re one of them who suffers from bad credit standing, here’s a hope for you! can help you get Credit Card, Home Loans, Auto Loans, Personal Loans and Credit Repair even if you have a less-than-perfect credit rating. Check out their website and choose the best credit offer to fit your financial needs. Apply now and get approved in 3 days!

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