Twitter or Plurk


Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?


I love twitter! I don’t know why but I love it. When it comes to layout, design and services…PLURK is soo much better yet, I remain loyal to twitter. It’s like SMS slash chat slash micro blog rolled into one. If I’m nowhere to be found in the blogosphere, check out my twitter updates  HERE


It’s fun and it’ll be more fun if I can find you there too. See you guys in the twitterland!

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Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t ever ride a car with someone who’s drunk, believe me, it’s as bad as committing suicide. I’ve seen people who suffered a lot caused by people who are far too selfish and careless. Some of them even died and that could have been prevented. Even if you mandate alcohol education there are some people who still engage into drunk driving and it remains a serious problem affecting many lives of innocent victims annually.
What can we do about it? Suspension of driver licenses? Confiscating vehicle plates? Increasing penalties? I seriously believe that the offenders should be put to jail.

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Which iPOD is for you?


Almost everyone I know in the office owns an iPOD. Do you have one? Which one is yours?

If you are planning to purchase a new iPod, you have four options to choose from – the affordable all MP3 iPod shuffle, iPod Nano that offers MP3 and video, the iPod Classic that has huge storage capacity or the iPod touch which is similar to iPhone.

I’d like to have an iPOD Touch one of these days but for now, I am enjoying the iPOD shuffle I got from Chuva. It’s so convenient, very handy (weighs just around 15g) and can store up to 240 mp3s. That’s enough to keep me company whenever I go to and from the office. I also use it when I go to the gym since it’s wearable. I just clip it on the sleeve of my shirt and that’s it. This iPod shuffle is also ideal gift to your friends if you do not have a big budget. Price starts at 49$ to 69$!

But if you want huge storage space that can store up to 1,000 songs / 3,500 photos / up to 4 hours of video then iPOD Classic is for you. I am not a fan of this one since I don’t really enjoy watching videos or pictures in a very small screen. It’s just a waste of effort lol I’d rather buy a portable DVD or EEE PC. The next iPod you may want to purchase is the iPOD Nano which is pretty much like the Classic only bigger. It can store up to 20,000 songs / up to 25,000 photos / up to 100 hours of video. If you enjoy watching MTVs or movies while traveling then this one is for you. One thing though, the Nano shape reminds me of a calculator LOL.

The best iPOD so far is the iPOD touch. Looks gorgeous with its large 3.5” display and touch screen keyboard. It’s close to having an iPhone minus the phone and camera features. The best part of all, it has a built-in WiFi and Safari Browser that lets you surf the web anytime!!! Coolness!

So, is it iPOD Shuffle, Nano, Classic or iTouch? Personally, I’m ok with the shuffle or an iTouch but it would be heaven if you can give me an iPhone.  Thanks!

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Online Gaming

As more and more gaming websites come up each day, offering excitement through virtual casino experience, how do you know which one is best for you?

This online casino bluebook can help you decide which casino website offers great bonus size, payout percentage, customer service, game features, number of games, software graphics, and ease of use. If you’re new to online casinos, make sure you check them out first.

I have only been inside a real casino once and it was really fun except that there were too many people who can get really noisy plus, I cannot stand the cigarette smoke inside.

If you don’t want to experience the hassles of real casino, why not try online casinos? It is very much like playing at the Casinos in Macau and Las Vegas except that you don’t need to travel to experience it and no need to pay for a hotel plus, no smoking and no noisy people who can disturb your concentration. The best part of all is that you can play anytime…anyday at the convenience of your own home!!

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The Safest Sugar For You

You know, I work very early in the morning. My job starts at 5:30AM and to keep me awake for the rest of the day…I start my morning with a glass of sweet and creamy cappuccino. Yes, I like it sweet and creamy. I’m never really a fan of black coffee because I can’t tolerate that bitter sensation it leaves your palates. But you can override that bitterness with a spoonful of Brazilian Sugar – it’s the most well known type of sugar in the world. Also know as Icumsa 45 Sugar which is the highest quality sugar grade. You can recognize it easily by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure taste. The refining process by which it is created removes the bacteria and contaminants better making it the safest form of sugar. So next time you buy sugar, choose the Icumsa 45. They’re the safest sugar for you!



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Support Chuvaness Campaign

I seriously need to get a life! I’ve been spending too many hours in the office and my work has taken over my life. Gone are the days when I can bloghop as much as I want to. Can’t write as often as I used to and I really miss going to the gym. I need to learn to manage my time better. I told you, time management has always been and will always be my problem. Guess I should get a secretary. Anyone? LOL

I was planning the other day on what to do with my life now that 2008 is ending. Time flies so fast. As I look back, I realized, my 2008 resolutions are yet to be fulfilled. This is really bad! Ok, I’ll make this simpler this time. My mid year resolutions are as follows:

First, I’ll have to change my working habits. I’ve been getting a lot of stress from work because of pressure and high demands. The kind of job that I do requires a lot of time in front of the computer, it’s mind boggling but I find it quite satisfying. I love my job. I do. And I love the people that I work with. Really nice, amazing, fun-loving people. But I have to cut the hours I spend doing unrelated jobs (surfing, sleeping and chismax lol) to avoid rendering OTs.

Next thing will be changing my eating habits. I’m actually eating one meal each day and it’s not healthy. I’m also not losing weight regardless of depriving myself with all these yummy foods. I’ve been trying hard to lose weight and I realized, what I need is exercise plus healthy food intake (haller, everybody knows that already lol). The problem with me is that I lack discipline and I’m also not that inspired. But I promise, I’m going back to the gym this August. Been wanting to buy this new nike shoes and gym bag! I’ve got discount coupons here that might allow me to save and extra 10% or 15% off during the Home Sale, and I might use this for my online shopping.

And the last thing I need to work on is my blogging lifestyle. I will try to come up with great posts each day LOL but I need to buy a new laptop first. Hahaha. Guys, nobody has ever sent donations and love gifts to Chuvaness campaign. LOL. C’mon, I’m serious, I need funds for my MacBook Air and new stunning Fossil watch. Help me make my dreams come true, make me happy and donate NOW!!! LOL

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Best Wishes To You, Jo!

One of my close friends from college is to be wed this coming December and I sooo envy her. LOL. Seriously, I feel a little jealous. She is throwing away her whole life to be with the man she truly adore. Good for her. She’s been busy planning and preparing her future all these years, while me, along with my arrogance and pride, is still stuck here..loveless, pretty, single and lonely happy! Hahaha. I strongly believe that marriage should not be something that should be rushed into. Don’t you think being in a bad marriage is far worse than being single forever? I do!!! And true to the words of Tita Negastar, true love doesn’t happen nowadays!! LOL. That’s why I have great admiration to those people who choose to make a commitment to each other, which may involves marriage. I am 20 something and truth is, I’m in no hurry to be married. Not at all…but I would really like to have kids soon. You know, most people my age could be parents to 6-8 year old kids already. OMG! Really??? Geesh, thoughts like these make me feel really old.

Ok, back to my friend’s upcoming wedding, I’m thinking of organizing a hen party along with my other gurl friends but I don’t have the luxury of time to do all that. My sked is too hectic plus it’s Christmas season! I will be very busy shopping and cramming! LOL. Anyway, if you’re planning for group party celebrations, check out betterweekends website. They organise events all over the world, large or small, supplying the demand on any scale for any event.

Their specialties are stag parties, Hen Weekends , birthday celebrations, team building events or any other event involving a group of friends and colleagues. Make your celebration truly memorable. Call them at 0870 142 24 30 and find out how you can save time and money!

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A few months more and Christmas season is back again!

Oh, time flies…it’s running so fast! August is coming very soon. Few months more and Christmas season is back again. Argh! I hate this. And you know what happens during yuletide, of course, endless shopping and cramming!!! That means spending so much of your hard-earned money and 13th month pay in an instant! And the next thing you know is…you’re welcoming the New Year empty handed. LOL. Oh nooo!! A few months more and 2009 is here! You don’t have any idea how much I abhor the coming of year 2009. I’ll tell you why on April next year so be sure to come back here ok. LOL

Anyway, August means special day for 2 of the best gurlfriends I have in life. Super love them dearly. It’ll be my cousin’s birthday on the 25th and my bestfriend’s birthday on the 19th. I need your suggestions. These are special people and I want to give them something really special but no too pricey ok. What should I give them this time? Clothing and apparel? Personalized beaded jewelry? Or health and beauty products? HELP!

I think I’d go for personalized stuff. What do you think? Check out this list of low prices on personalized gifts I found on the net. Might be helpful for you too. Ciao!

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The Return of the Comeback: Dear Chuvaness Segment


Play this para feel na feel!


Inspired by Ate Helen, powered by Tita Charo and under the influence of Chuva of the Chienes Land!!! Mga kunichiwaaaa (can i borrow, reynz)!!!!! Ibinabalik namagmuli ang Lovingly Yours, Ate Malen section for no reason other than inggit. LOL

If you need someone to talk to – about politics to religion to stenography to differential calculus to fashion to paid blogging to relationship ek ek – shoot me an email. Seryoso nga! Pag masyado ng mabigat yung problems nyo…let me help you carry those burdens. If you would like to share your heartaches, brokenhearts and heartbreaks…I’m just an email away. I wont guarantee na tanggal ang mga problema nyo but surely, you will feel better after letting it all out.

I can give you sound advices for free! You see, my writing ability and my intellect are up to par with the standards of above average LOL kaya if you wanna hear how I turn each adversity into opportunity…send your emails here:

Hahaha. And the best thing of all…you could also hear great advices from our readers and lurkers. O diba, that’s what you call SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

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When Chuvaness Meets Chuvachienes

Chuvachienes in front of the FRANKFURT OPERA HOUSE!

Chuvaness in front of a……HOUSE! Nyaahahaha

Don’t you love catching up with your friends on YM? Saya diba. Dahil I’m still on mental blank mode…eto pag tyagaan nyo na lang tong post na to hehehe. Here’s a transcript of my long chat session with my very INTELLIGENT DITSE aka TITA NEGASTAR!!!!

chuvaness (2:36 AM): holi ka balbonnnnnnnn
CHUVACHIENES (2:37 AM): hahahaha!!
CHUVACHIENES (2:37 AM): kausap ko si M s. E lena M orris
CHUVACHIENES (2:38 AM): bibigyan daw ako ng 5 million dollars
chuvaness (2:38 AM): tanggapin mo naaaaa
chuvaness (2:38 AM): sayang din yun
CHUVACHIENES (2:40 AM): josko ang hirap maghanap buhay ano?
CHUVACHIENES (2:40 AM): di ba alas tres ng madaling araw diyan? bakti giseng ka na?
chuvaness (2:41 AM): pero mas mahirap ang maghanap ng jowa. . . i realized hahahaha
CHUVACHIENES (2:41 AM): letche!!!
chuvaness (2:41 AM): natulog ako kanina
CHUVACHIENES (2:41 AM): para makalimot?
CHUVACHIENES (2:41 AM): kahit sandali?
CHUVACHIENES (2:41 AM): hahaha!
CHUVACHIENES (2:51 AM): naglagay na ko ng Dear Chuva section sa blog ko
chuvaness (2:51 AM): i have a theory. . . ang mga tinatagywat sa N O O eh yung mga matatalino hahahhaha
CHUVACHIENES (2:51 AM): alam mo – saksakan ng dami ng tigyawat ko sa nooo
CHUVACHIENES (2:52 AM): siguro tama ka
chuvaness (2:52 AM): ako din
CHUVACHIENES (2:52 AM): eh ang lapad pa ng noo ko – – – hanggang batok
CHUVACHIENES (2:52 AM): hahahhahaa
CHUVACHIENES (2:52 AM): eh di mas matalino ako sayo
CHUVACHIENES (2:52 AM): hahahaha
chuvaness (2:53 AM): hahahhahah. . . ang lapad ng noo mo ‘ day. . . wala akong kalaban laban. . .
chuvaness (2:53 AM): oo na mas matalino ka naaaaaaa
CHUVACHIENES (2:53 AM): hahahahaha!!
chuvaness (2:53 AM): mas habulin na lang ako
chuvaness (2:53 AM): nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh hhaaaaaaa
CHUVACHIENES (2:53 AM): alam mo sana nandito ka na rin sa states
CHUVACHIENES (2:53 AM): sama sama tayo sa kabugan
chuvaness (2:53 AM): pashorayan? ? ?
CHUVACHIENES (2:53 AM): flangggggggggggg gggggg
CHUVACHIENES (2:54 AM): mega outfit tayo parang sex in the city
chuvaness (2:54 AM): hahahahha
CHUVACHIENES (2:54 AM): tapos cafe cafe tayo sa philadelphia
CHUVACHIENES (2:54 AM): pa chorva chorva ng mga kelalaks
chuvaness (2:54 AM): hahahhahaha
CHUVACHIENES (2:54 AM): ang sarap mo sigurong makasama
CHUVACHIENES (2:55 AM): baka lalong lumaki bibig ko sa katatawa pag nagsama tayo
chuvaness (2:55 AM): hoy!!!! don’ t fall in love with me ha
CHUVACHIENES (2:55 AM): josko day
chuvaness (2:55 AM): hahahhahahahahah a
CHUVACHIENES (2:55 AM): puede ba hindi ako kumakain ng tulyaaaaaaaaaa
CHUVACHIENES (2:55 AM): lalo na walang shell
chuvaness (2:55 AM): i am taken ‘ day. . . taken for granted huhuhu
CHUVACHIENES (2:56 AM): musta na si pusa
CHUVACHIENES (2:56 AM): oks ba naman
CHUVACHIENES (2:56 AM): yang bruhang yan

CHUVACHIENES (2:56 AM): pano ba mainlove ng malayuan
chuvaness (2:59 AM): nakow pusa is sobrang inlab
CHUVACHIENES (2:59 AM): hindi ko magets
CHUVACHIENES (2:59 AM): virtual ang chorva
chuvaness (3:00 AM): hoy bat ba against na against ka sa virtual ek ek
CHUVACHIENES (3:00 AM): eh kasi – jaded na ko no
CHUVACHIENES (3:00 AM): dami ko ng pinagdaanan na ganyan
CHUVACHIENES (3:00 AM): hindi healthy
chuvaness (3:01 AM): shuccccksss. . . jaded? ? ano yun. . . tumitira ka ng crystal stones? ? whahahha
CHUVACHIENES (3:01 AM): hahahah!!!
CHUVACHIENES (3:01 AM): jaded – malabo na ang bato ateng
CHUVACHIENES (3:01 AM): hindi na crystal
CHUVACHIENES (3:01 AM): katulad ng akala nila
chuvaness (3:01 AM): hoy makinig ka. . . love is all around!
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): all around the world of hell
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): masyado na kong jaded talaga
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): ayokong maniwala sa true love
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): hindi tutoo
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): shet
chuvaness (3:02 AM): hoyyyyyyyy
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): yang mga feelings – nawawala din
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): pag wala na kayong makaen. . bulyawan na
chuvaness (3:02 AM): napaka nega mo ‘ day
CHUVACHIENES (3:02 AM): tapos ang feeling mo parang nakakulong ka na
CHUVACHIENES (3:03 AM): baka kailangan mo rin ng Dear Nosebleed. . .
chuvaness (3:03 AM): Ayy mukhang magandang segment yan
chuvaness (3:03 AM): esp. now na may mga sumusulat talaga sa kin hahahhahaha
CHUVACHIENES (3:03 AM): except ….hahahhaa!!
chuvaness (3:04 AM): ayufffffff kaaaaaaaaa
CHUVACHIENES (3:04 AM): Negastar na yata dapat ang pangalan ko
chuvaness (3:04 AM): hahahahhahahhaha
chuvaness (3:04 AM): T I T A N E G A S T A A A A A R R R R R R R R R
chuvaness (3:05 AM): basta ako si KreyC ee!!!
CHUVACHIENES (3:05 AM): KreyC ee M isconception…hahahaha!!
chuvaness (3:05 AM): nag momoda ako dito tita negastar
CHUVACHIENES (3:06 AM): talagang walang sagot
chuvaness (3:06 AM): inuusog moooooo
CHUVACHIENES (3:06 AM): magkaiba ba si ano tsaka si ano
chuvaness (3:07 AM): ang sfelling day magkaiba
CHUVACHIENES (3:07 AM): gaga eh malay ko ba
chuvaness (3:08 AM): magbasa ka kase next time akala ko ba matalino ka
CHUVACHIENES (3:08 AM): shet ka
chuvaness (3:11 AM): sasabunutan kita sa kili kiliiiiiiiiiiiii i
CHUVACHIENES (3:12 AM): ahit na yon
CHUVACHIENES (3:12 AM): pano ko magka- cocktail dress

chuvaness (3:12 AM): sa ano na lang
chuvaness (3:12 AM): sa baba
CHUVACHIENES (3:12 AM): haller!!!
CHUVACHIENES (3:12 AM): wala rin day
CHUVACHIENES (3:12 AM): pano ko iipitin
chuvaness (3:12 AM): sa legssssss. . . i mean
Frederick Dominguez (3:12 AM): charot
Frederick Dominguez (3:12 AM): oo naman – – lalake pa rin ako
Frederick Dominguez (3:12 AM): maganda nga lang
chuvaness (3:12 AM): ahahhahahaha
chuvaness (3:12 AM): ansakit ng pang ko sayo
chuvaness (3:13 AM): * panga
CHUVACHIENES (3:13 AM): kala ko may parte ka ng katawang hindi pangkaraniwan
CHUVACHIENES (3:13 AM): pang
CHUVACHIENES (3:13 AM): ano ba yon, dila ng talaba?
chuvaness (3:14 AM): pang. . . anobeh. . . short for pangil
chuvaness (3:14 AM): hahahahha
CHUVACHIENES (3:14 AM): bakit gising na gising ka
CHUVACHIENES (3:14 AM): alas tres ng madaling araw
chuvaness (3:14 AM): kase nga nag mo moda ako dito. . .
CHUVACHIENES (3:14 AM): anong nag momoda
CHUVACHIENES (3:14 AM): nananahi?
chuvaness (3:14 AM): nag e- emote
chuvaness (3:15 AM): oo na nananahi ako dito
CHUVACHIENES (3:15 AM): kala ko moda = modista
chuvaness (3:15 AM): nag susulsiiiiiiiiii
CHUVACHIENES (3:15 AM): ng basag na puso
chuvaness (3:15 AM): hoy hinde naman basag….slightly damaged lang lol
chuvaness (3:20 AM): o sya di na kita istorbohin
chuvaness (3:20 AM): mag paid opps ka na
chuvaness (3:20 AM): chorva na ko sa sofa
chuvaness (3:21 AM): teka pala anong magandang regalo sa kasal . . . . seryosong tanong yan
CHUVACHIENES (3:21 AM): ah hindi ako magaling diyan day
chuvaness (3:21 AM): o sya sige day. . akala ko pa naman matalino ka
CHUVACHIENES (3:22 AM): kasi ako kung magregalo yung magagamit
CHUVACHIENES (3:22 AM): vaccumm cleaner
chuvaness (3:23 AM): vaccuum cleaner sa kotse. . . pero walang kotse wahahahah
chuvaness (3:23 AM): o baboosh na
CHUVACHIENES (3:23 AM): katulad nung nagregalo sa kin nung birthday ko
CHUVACHIENES (3:23 AM): brush set!!!!
chuvaness (3:23 AM): ano gift sayo?
chuvaness (3:23 AM): hahahahhaa
Frederick Dominguez (3:23 AM): nyeta
chuvaness (3:24 AM): hahahhahahahaha
CHUVACHIENES (3:24 AM): letche
CHUVACHIENES (3:24 AM): o sige na tulog
CHUVACHIENES (3:24 AM): nyeta ka
CHUVACHIENES (3:24 AM): ginising mo diwa ko
CHUVACHIENES (3:24 AM): tapos iiwan mo ko
chuvaness (3:24 AM): sayang may gift ako sayo nun bday mo eh
CHUVACHIENES (3:24 AM): nasan na?
chuvaness (3:25 AM): andito..papadala ko
chuvaness (3:25 AM): S P R A Y N E T
CHUVACHIENES (3:25 AM): nyeta ka ang lakas mong mang- alaska
CHUVACHIENES (3:25 AM): leche!
chuvaness (3:25 AM): hahahahahaha
CHUVACHIENES (3:25 AM): matulog ka na
CHUVACHIENES (3:25 AM): tama naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa
CHUVACHIENES (3:25 AM): blablalalagblabl ablablblal
CHUVACHIENES (3:25 AM): * nakatakip mata*
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): lasdjallhladhfhk ahdfadfhalldfhas df
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): adfasdfalsdlfhak sddhfakdjdhfasds ef
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): dsfhasdlfhasfhas dfhasdfa
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): pag maganda ka, maganda ka
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): hahahaha!
chuvaness (3:26 AM): pag maganda ka. . mas maganda ako
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): leche lagi kang panalo
CHUVACHIENES (3:26 AM): nyeta
chuvaness (3:30 AM): pero seriously, don’ t stop believin in love . . . chuva
CHUVACHIENES (3:30 AM): o sya sya
CHUVACHIENES (3:30 AM): kadiri ha
chuvaness (3:30 AM): hahahahhaha
CHUVACHIENES (3:30 AM): love is a many splendored thing
chuvaness (3:30 AM): pwedeng mangyari ang love in the times of blogging
CHUVACHIENES (3:30 AM): and his thing is very splendid
chuvaness (3:30 AM): hahahaha
chuvaness (3:31 AM): o babosh na talagaaaaaaaaaa
CHUVACHIENES (3:31 AM): palikera
CHUVACHIENES (3:32 AM): sige na tulog ka na
CHUVACHIENES (3:32 AM): leche
chuvaness (3:32 AM): naiiyak ako
chuvaness (3:32 AM): kase yung tugtog eh
CHUVACHIENES (3:33 AM): ano ba yung tugtog?
chuvaness (3:33 AM): magandang theme song – bongga ka day.
chuvaness (3:33 AM): teka team song ba o theme song
CHUVACHIENES (3:36 AM): may party ba daw ako pag balik ko?
CHUVACHIENES (3:36 AM): may nababalitaan ka ba?
chuvaness (3:38 AM): oo may surprise yata ang butse gang sa homecoming mo ditse
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): talaga
chuvaness (3:38 AM): uu
chuvaness (3:38 AM): napanaginipan ko
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): eh hindi ko nga pinapaalam ang paguwi ko
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): dahil ayoko ng surprise
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): gusto ko alam ko
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): nung paguwi ko kasi galing ng asia last year
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): may surprise
CHUVACHIENES (3:38 AM): si reyna pasimuno
chuvaness (3:39 AM): anong ginawa. .
CHUVACHIENES (3:39 AM): surprise!!! edi walang party!!!
CHUVACHIENES (3:39 AM): anufey!!!
CHUVACHIENES (3:39 AM): teka, I have a huge crush on norm…
chuvaness(3:40 AM): hoy hinde totoo ang true love!!! LOL


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