How To Make a Viral Video?

Help! We are currently working on a project, the goal is to make it viral (we hope), rewarding and high-yielding. We’re looking at different options:

  • Music video type of thing, shot at a resort/pool area – similar to Justin Bieber’s Beauty and the Beat MV.
  • MV of a local artist singing acoustic songs.
  • Short and funny skit ala infomercial.

I a more leaning towards the second option since we only need to prepare a few things – improvised stage or recording room, acoustic guitar and a cool telefunken mic (suitable for voice on both stage and in the studio).

It requires fewer manpower too and it’s a lot less complicated to shoot and edit! My only concern is that it may look boring and may never get as viral as I hope it will be. God please let the creative juices flowing! Deadline of the storyboard is Friday already!

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Win a 40″ LCD TV and Home Theater System

I want a new LCD TV in my living room. A 40″ LCD TV! I know, that’s a little too big for my small house, but I could install a ceiling tv mounts to save space, right?

If you want an LCD TV too, check out Ensogo and get a chance to win a Samsung Entertainment Package (40″ LCD TV and Home Theater System) by joining their special raffle. It’s very easy, just complete a short survey asking you questions about the things you like. It’s done in 3-5mins! Who knows, this could be your chance to bring home an entertainment package. Lord, help me to win this raffle pls!

Click HERE to START your survey

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Starting Tomorrow….

Day 01 – A picture of yourself
Day 02 – A picture of what you wore today
Day 03 – A picture of what you did today
Day 04 – A picture of where you went today
Day 05 – A picture of your morning
Day 06 – A picture that inspires you
Day 07 – A picture that makes you cry
Day 08 – A picture of yourself
Day 09 – A picture of what you had for lunch
Day 10 – A picture of what you like to do
Day 11 – A picture of your favorite drink
Day 12 – A picture of your favorite food
Day 13 – A picture of your friends
Day 14 – A picture of your favorite teacher(s)
Day 15 – A picture of yourself
Day 16 – A picture of your dream cell phone
Day 17 – A picture of your mp3 player
Day 18 – A picture of your room
Day 19 – A picture of your favorite musical instrument(s)
Day 20 – A picture of where you want to honeymoon
Day 21 – A picture that makes you think of your loved one
Day 22 – A picture of yourself
Day 23 – A picture that describes your life
Day 24 – A picture of what you did today
Day 25 – A picture that you edited
Day 26 – A picture that makes you angry
Day 27 – A picture of you more than 10 years ago
Day 28 – A picture of what you wore today
Day 29 – A picture of yourself
Day 30 – A picture of you and your best friend

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Angels and Demons Movie Showing on May 15, 2009

OMG! I am sooo thrilled. I love the Angels and Demons book so when I heard that it has an upcoming film adaptation, I was jumping for joy. It’s of one of my favorite books ever. You know me, I love Arts and History. It’s actually the first Dan Brown novel I read, I love all of them but this is my most favorite. I personally believe that it’s soo much better than The Da Vinci Code. I find it more interesting, exciting, fast-paced and very very intelligent piece. It’ll make you think and wonder all the time. I highly recommend this one, so grab a copy now, read it first (buy bestseller books and textbooks at, before you watch the film on May 15, 2009.

PS, I would really really  love to meet Robert Langdon in person, if he is real.

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TWILIGHT: When you can live forever what do you live for?

This is from the POV of a non-fan-turned-uber-fanatic-overnight with extremely little knowledge of the Twilight series.

Oh Emmm Geee!!! I am no fan of vampire, thriller and scary movies. Never really enjoy them. I swear, you wouldn’t want to sit beside me watching any horror film because you’ll end up with scratches and bruises in your arms. I am a wild moviegoer, I scream a lot when I’m shocked and thrilled. Ok, back to the movie, omg talaga, I was expecting a lot of killings, bloodsuckings and werewolves feasting on humans but to my serprise, this wasn’t even close to it.

I watched the movie with my friends who are die hard fans of Twilight – Lizzie and Ruthie.  Both these girls got hooked into it, they have, in fact, finished all 4 books in one sitting LOL. Ruthie is even writing her version of the 5th book LOL. I was probably one of the few who WAS not interested when everyone’s been going gaga over twilight. When Rutie reserved 5 tickets yesterday, I was almost ready not to go with them, you know how much I value my time noh, sayang, I could use that 2 hours at home, watching my favorite koreanovela bwahaha. I really didn’t want to watch it….but I am glad I did! I tell yah, it’s worth every single centavo in your pocket.

The story is quite interesting and catchy, a forbidden love affair between a mortal and immortal. Imagine yourself having an affair with a vampire, ok he’s not just a vampire, he’s a super handsome “vegetarian” vampire who feasts on animals and, not humans. If you were Bella, would you do the same thing –  risk everything you have including your precious life just to be with him? Can you turn your back on nature, on humanity? Can you love unconditionally? Ask yourself this nosebleeding question, when you can live forever what do you live for?

Shucks, hinde ako maka-move on sa mala-animal appeal ni Edward, yeap he was that cute guy, Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Ang wafooooo. The guy’s unhumanly beautiful with his golden brown eyes. I kinda like how they styled his hair, looks like he just tumbled out of bed. Really really sexy.

One thing though, I find the make up very disturbing hahaha. Hinde pantay ang Chi Chan Su! At hinde sila nanghinayang sa lipistik. Red kung red. 

I wasn’t expecting it to be that ‘light’ and cheesy with several LOL and kilig moments. The lines are easy to understand. The stunts weren’t really superbly rehearsed, the superfast running part was extremely funny but that’s ok. For someone who have never ever read a single Twilight book, I find the movie really unforgettable. If you’re free today and want some lovin, go out with your girl friends / boy friends  and have fun watching.

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Helpful Tips When Buying a Car

I am the type of person who consumes a considerable amount of energy before purchasing something, esp. expensive stuff. Like say when buying a computer, while some people only think about how much money they can shell out, which is not bad at all, I usually consider the specs and performance first and then the budget comes next. In the long run, canvassing, comparing and doing a little bit of research before buying will not only save you money, but you’ll most likely end up buying something that will last longer.

Years from now, I would really like to buy my own car. Here’s the problem, I am not very ‘car literate’. What I understand about cars is that they come with different styles – luxury, compact, mini, sports car, van and pick up. I’m sure, most of you doesn’t know much about cars as well. Well, here are some helpful tips to help you when buying a car:

Before going to your car dealers, take some time to do some comparison shopping first. Don’t get too naive, don’t buy something just because you like its color or design. Pick up a copy of automobile magazines that compare different models and know what you really want. Is it just for you or for your family? Do you need a two-door, four door or van? If you need something that you can use on short trips, like going to/from your office, a smaller car is an excellent choice. If you want a fancy luxury car to go back and forth to your jobs, lexus is an excelent choice. With the comfort and safety it offers, you’ll never go wrong with a Lexus.

Next to consider is the budget. How much money do you have? Of course, the more expensive it is, the better. The cost may be higher, but, it will pay itself back in a few years by gasoline and maintenance you can save.

My ultimate dream car is still in my dreams LOL. It could wait, I guess. Right now,  I’m considering of buying a house and lot first. Charing! 

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Loving The Holiday Rush

I did tell you that one of my favorite seasons of the year, other than summer vacation, is the Christmas and New Year. I super love it. Don’t you just love that time of year when people really take a moment to focus on their family and special friends?  Let me tell you other reasons why I love Christmas, first, the whole neighborhood seems friendlier with pretty lights everywhere. Bonus. Aren’t you excited to get your 13th month pay and other free stuff at the office? I am!!! Christmas means family bonding. This is the time of the year when all of us in the family would gather for the much awaited reunion, where lots of delicious foods are served and laughters are shared. Several Christmases ago, we spent our Christmas in a private pool somewhere in Bulacan. Yeay, we went swimming ’til wee hours of the night and tell you, it was freezing cold but it was fun. Christmas also means shopping. Everyone is shopping already! Whether it’s online shopping or out in the mall or streets of Quiapo and Divisoria, people are making purchases as early as now to make into presents for family and special friends. This is the time of the year when I shop ’til I drop LOL. I just love the holiday rush!

The only thing I hate about the holidays is the freakin traffic and finding a parking space. Malls can get really crowded you can’t figure out where you’re supposed to park.


Avoid the nuisance of not having a parking space, check out for available Parking in London. Don’t get stuck for parking again, buy a Park and Let contract now. 

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Don’t you just love gardens?

I love everything about nature! I am a very outgoing person who loves all sort of adventure and I find it fulfilling to be one with nature. I love trees and all forms of flowers to grace our garden in the province. When I am back home in the province, you’ll find me most of the time in our garden resting, sometimes reading book, caring for the plants and just looking at how that flower upon flower would bloom. I could just stay there for hours watching as the leaves fall off the trees, listening to the sounds of birds chirping and enjoying the sun. Geesh, I miss home. Really. Can’t wait to go back.

Don’t you just love gardens? Last night, I was watching The Secret Garden on cable and I’m so delighted to see it. I’m definitely going home next summer and while there, I’m going to plant more flowers in our garden. I’m also bringing some Outdoor Planters. For all your garden needs (Garden Planters, High End Planters, Window Box Planters and even Indoor Planters) visit for affordable Planters that will surely make any garden a beautiful place.

Too bad, my new apartment doesn’t have a space for a garden. It would’ve been nice. Well, I guess I could just put some plants and potted flowers in front of my house instead.

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Another summer day has come and gone away…I wanna go home.

Dont’ you get tired living in the city? Although I like it very much here, our home in the province is still the best and happiest place for me. Didn’t I tell you that we live in spectacular views of the sea and hills? In front of our house are the most beautiful hills you’ll ever see and on the back, the view of the Pacific is just a wonderful treat especially during early morning and late afternoon.

That picture above is the typical scene you’ll see in our garden during summer. Picnic at the grassy ground by the beach while barbecue and fresh buko juice are served. This was taken 2 summers ago. Gosh, I realized I haven’t gone home for two years now. I miss that place. I especially miss our garden. I used to spend a lot of my time there….just lying on the ground, reading my favorite book and enjoying the spectacular view.

I probably need this strimmer grass trimmer to help me cut those unwanted grass that pops out every now and then when I get home next year. It’s not too big and doesn’t look so heavy. What we use back home to trim the grass are the old fashion ones that look like big scissors and they’re very dangerous. Well, this Black & Decker Strimmer grass trimmer cuts more grass, very easy to use and you wont compromise your safety. It’s also battery powered and cordless, you just have to charge it once you use it to trim your garden. It doesn’t just save your time and effort, it’s also safer to use.

I really can’t wait to go home. Too bad, summer is still 8 months away.

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How to Trace Your Harassing Prank Callers, Stalkers and other Annoying Callers

I am the type of person who easily believe and trust people. I guess I am probably the most gullible person around and it hurts me when people betray my trust.

Let me share with you one story that happened to one of my friends. She was contacted by an American and asked her to work in the US. It was really a promising offer and my friend really wanted to take the job. He asked my friend to contact the agency in California and pay half of the price of the finances to get her there. He gave my friend his address and his telephone number and we started investigating. It turned out the address he gave was wrong which we searched through Google earth. Second, the agency has no profile on the net which seemed to be more suspicious. Third, he sent my friend an application form which of all the application form we have seen is the most informal of all. This guy started calling my friend on her cellphone. She confronted this person and told him never, never to call again. A week later, my friend keep getting calls from unidentified number. We traced the number on this website and found out that he was the same person. Since then, my friend changed her number. Good thing we used this tracenumber to lookup his name and address. It can also be used to trace harassing telemarketers, prank callers or other annoying callers. You can also lookup missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appeared in your phone bill. Really great tool! Too bad, their service is available for telephone and cell phone numbers in United States and Canada only.

So my advise to everyone out there is to always be wise! Research and investigate before trusting someone. Don’t even give or forward any of your document as they may use it to trick other people.

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