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I am amazed that some of classmates back in college are actually reading my blog. Just yesterday, my best buddy Tix asked me about paid blogging on YM. He was asking me things on how he can go about earning while blogging too. I guess my previous post about how I earned 800$ really made an impression. I am no expert in problogging but I do know some information that will be very helpful for you, Tix.

Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my blogging career is having my blog hosted outside. It was an investment that’s worth the price. It didn’t only allow me to double my investment, in fact, it actually made it a hundredth-fold.
There are a number of webhosting services over the internet and it is important to choose the one that caters to your needs. They can fetch as low as $4.95 – $11.95 a month. The price range will usually depend on the bandwidth capacity that you want. If you’re into making money online, choosing a reliable webhosting service can bring you lots and lots of $$$.

First thing you need to consider is the uptime guarantee. Remember, your down time usually mean your earnings are down too. You should also consider the types of backups and technical support they offer. If you need help in choosing the best web host for you, make sure you read the list of Best 10 Web Hosting Sites at

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The Great Davao Experience

It’s been a week since our last trip to Davao and believe it or not…I still have not moved on. There’s so many things to do…kulang ang 3 days. It was sobrang fun. First, let me thank the very kind REYNA ELENA for this trip. Yes, I scammed REYNA once again! Hahaha. Truth is nahihiya na talaga ako but he was insisting that I join the Davao tour, lol, else…hinde magiging masaya ang amo ko dahil walang uutus-utusan yun at walang taga masahe and everything. Secondly, I wanna thank the ever gorgeous Manay Beng for the very warm welcome. Thank you manay sa pag-aaruga.

So in true Chuvaness fashion, let me reiterate to you all our 3-day trip to Durianland…this is gonna be a long entry so sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy!


Nag-aalsabalutan palang ako when I got a call from Reynz, around 2AM….pinapupunta na ako sa erport. Pressure. I got there past 2AM, eh di naman kami pinapasok agad kase ang nilagay nun nag pa book sa tiket na name is Reyna J. Elena, Pinoy T. Ambisyoso and Chuvaness S. Miller…hinde match sa ID na dala namin. Anak ng tokwa e di naman nakasulat na real name noh nun pina book. So we had to go back to the ticketing office para ipapalit ang name and everything. Sino ba kase ang nag pa book. Hahaha

So after few hours, we’re finally settled. By 4:30, we boarded the plane already…at exactly 4:45…we were flying!!! I almost palpitated mga ka-bords, because to tell you the truth…that was my first airplane ride ever and there was a turbulence ahead. I thought I was gonna die! My gosh, nag i-spark yung right propeller nun airplane. Haha…yeah, I was overreacting. Sanay kaya ako sa ferry boat noh. LOL.

eto na naman tong pinagbiyak na ewan

It’s amazing how the world was created di ba. What a wonderful world talaga! Like during our flight, sa left side namin…the sun was rising already and then sa right side, makikita mo pa yung mga stars pa. Charing lang.

So after 1hour and 15 minutes, we arrived at Davao International Airport. Tell you, it’s beautiful. World class. It was so nice to see the very bubbly and beautiful ManayBeng again…really cute, she was jumping dun sa labas when she saw us

parang I don’t like that ‘thing’ in my background hahaha

Our first destination ever is bakery dahil sobrang gutom na gutom na talaga kami…shucks ang C2 small sa erplane is 100pesos! Skyflakes is 50pesos!!!

The first thing I did was to make my amo a cup of coffee

In less than 1 hour, manay Beng was able to cook a hearty breakfast for us. Sarrrap!


Around 8:00AM, we headed to Marina Wharf for a short boat ride going to the Pearl Farm.

If I’m not mistaken, 1500P per head ang day tour dito. It was all worth it, am telling you.

Fantastic view


Upon arrival, the staff will give you a pineapple drink tapos may orientation on the side

nag pa picture agad ang mga turista

nag pi-picture taking sila…


The Pearl Farm is really an ideal place for honeymooners like these 2…bwahaaha

Feel na feel!!

Manay Beng and Reynz drinking Weng Weng

The beach and biatch, lol

hmph, wag masyadong mainggit…hiniram ko lang yan kay manay

masarap ang buffet lunch nila

Ang totoo kaya kami nagpunta sa Pearl Farm eh para sa pictorial ni manay

anshorrrayy!!! magaling mag project!

haaay..this is life…sarap mag relax!

Around 4PM, we had to leave the place na

to get back to Marina Wharf

shucks! may annex ngapala ang opis namin dito…magpalipat kaya ako?

By 6:30PM nasa bahay na kami for the ultimate bonding moment.

Philippines TOP 100 BLOGS by BLOG JUICE AS OF MARCH 2008




Talaga palang BIG TIME ang mga kasama ko!!! Yehey!!! Anong TOP ako?? Bat wala ako dun sa top chenes na yan?? Hahahaha. I honestly do not care about it but I am really glad that these people are included. They deserve to be on top!!!

classic! Di ba ang manay nagluluto while ang reyna was connecting to his server in Philly through VPN…trying to finish some reports due the next morning!!! Hahaha

while ang ambo is sleeping


nirarayuma na

anak ng tokwa! puro tisay ang masahista mo ha

dinner time!


This was our breakfast on the 2nd day…with matching DILIS and of course sinangag.

Carabao Dive Center

parang sisters lang di ba

TEAM NAUTICA sponsored by Banco De Reyna

this is Carlo, our diving master…ka-gwapo jud, lol

attentive ang Reyna sa pakikinig, lol. Yah know what’s really funny was we were throwing up all over places. Nakakahilo kase naka float lang yung boat for like 30 mins. And it wasn’t that type of suka na konti lang…I tell you, sabi nga ni Manay, lahat ng dilis na kinain ko bumalik sa pinaggalingan. It was really yucky. And I was throwing up right there on the same spot kung saan nag ta-take off yung mga divers hahahhaha

meet ULTRAMAN!!!

O di ba???!!!!

Shucks ang macho mo reynz!!!

Manay’s turn

up close and personal with the corals

I swear, I saw a shark under the sea! LOL

Kathleen enjoying the scenes

Ang sarap ng feeling! It was scary. I was super scared…I even panicked kase nag karoon ng water yung mask ko and I couldn’t breathe. I forgot na sa mouth pala dapat nag b-breathe in and out. The key is concentrate lang sa breathing and relax. We didn’t take up crash course kase it will take days sometimes weeks pa…this is just a scuba diving experience…no need to worry if you don’t know how to swim..mababait ang trainors…basta tamang breathing lang tsaka don’t forget to equalize under water. sobrang affordable! 600 pesos per head lang!

later that night, we decided na mag bar hopping muna.

destination: JACK’S RIDGE! It’s super duper nice! Mas maganda pa sa Eastwood, the Fort etc. Overlooking Davao City! Ang ganda! A must see when you get to Davao…’til 2:30 AM sinaraduhan na kami ng lahat ng resto and bar sa Jack’s Ridge hinde pa din tapos ang kwentuhan and halakhakan namin. It was really a fun experience.

We slept at around 4:30 na yata. This was the master’s bedroom. Dito natutulog ang amo ko….

dito naman ako sa servant’s quarter, lol. Ang lupet ng amo ko….


kaya gusto kong ipalamon sa buwaya..

inferness ang buwaya dito hinde naka uniform…di gaya nun mga nasa maynila, lol

getting ready for our wild water adventure



This was the best part! Extreme to the maxx! Should you be in DAvao, do not ever miss this one heck of a lifetime experience. You’ll love every part of it. No, it wasn’t scary. The RAPIDS are actually exciting! Medyo pricey sya, around 2000 per head pero naman kahit magbayad ka ng 10,000…di ka makakahanap ng ganyan sa Maynila. With free tshirt, food and CD (pictures and videos).

The whole Davao trip was awesome. Maganda talaga sa Davao. Walang binatbat ang mga taxi drivers sa Manila sa mga drivers dun. Whoever is responsible sa pag di-disiplina sa mga taxi drivers dun, I salute you. Smiling face ang mga tao…great view, kitang kita ang Mt. Apo…and do you know na never sumesegway ang typhoon sa Davao? As in NEVER!

Di ba…you only live you better make the most out of it! Cliche di ba pero trulala talaga. Sabi nga ni ryenz, yung pera pwedeng kitain yan sa PPP…but moments like these…lalo na if you share it with the people you adore….IT IS PRICELESS….you could even spend a lifetime and not find a single person who can make you smile genuinely so when you find one/two or three, make sure you treasure them. I’m definitely coming back to Davao.

Meron kaming nakitang sirena!!! Be sure you watch our live video HERE courtesy of Manay Beng para makita nyo din sya. Medyo matagal mag buffer kaya give it few mins ha…I tell you it’s worth the wait

And another video here by Ambo:

NEXT STOP: The Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City, Pangasinan

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I’ll Be In Davao On May 12-14

Yipeee! Sure na sure na! Akala ko hinde ako makakasama! Finally!

Eto ang panahong feel na feel ko talaga na 24 hours is not enough! 12:33AM na and I should be awake by 3:30AM…wag na kaya akong matulog noh? LOL.

I still have a lot of things to do. Meet deadlines. Write pending reviews. Haaaay. Mag charge ng phone. Bumili ng films (para sa camera, lol). Magpa-manicure. Mag empake. Kelangan ko pang maglaba!

I will be in Davao on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a very bonggang santacruzan with the MUTYA NG DAVAO aka TITA POORSYA aka MANAY BENG of, and HRH REYNA ELENA with her CONSTANTINO. LOL. Alalay lang ang role ko, messenger, taga timpla ng kape, tiga-masahe, tiga ayos ng sched, tiga-book, shock absorber, secretary, mediator at referee. LOL

Eto ang aming ITINERARY:


*Wild Water Rafting:*
8:30 am Assembly at Crocodile Park
4:30 pm Arrival at Crocodile Park


*Pearl Farm*
8:00 A.M Assembly at Santa Ana Wharf
4:00 P.M Arrival at Santa Ana Wharf


*Scuba Diving*
8:00 A.M Jump Off
4:00 P.M Back in Davao

Mainggit kayo. LOL. I will definitely bombard this blog with our lovely pictures in the next days to come. Abangan at makikita nyong naka trunks err swimming suit errr 2-piece?? I can’t tell. Hahaha

Meanwhile, if you want to receive free suha, mangosteen or DURIAN, simple lang…

add me on bloglines

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or Technorati:

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or mag subscribe naman kayo dito:

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Don’t worry I will send my pasalubongs to you ASAP (through email, lol)

I will miss you and you and you and you and especially YOU. See you all soon. Mwaaaaah!



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Winner of 1G iPod Shuffle


Na-receive ko na!!!!

SHUCKS!!!! NAGULAT AKO SA LAKI NG BOX! Excited akong buksan baka kase may kasamang toblerone. In a way, in-expect ko talaga na may pasalubong, yah know. Since CHUVA is uber nice and sweet, I was hoping na baka na may kalakip na lotion o kaya SPAM. LOL…and to my surprise…dyaraaan!!! WALA!!! Puro plastic!!! Hahahaha

iPod shuffle lang talaga ang laman…but it’s really super cute and am loving it. Ambango-bango. Imported talaga. LOL

Super thank you!!!! 

Excited ako…kaya ayan ginamit ko na:

Ang sosyal diba? Salamat sa iPod hairclip chuvaaaaaaa!!! Mwaaaaaaaaah! Bagay na bagay sya  sa kin. LOL 

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Tierra Maria UK scam is one big HOAX!

This is Malen and I will share with you my story.


Tim, I thought, was the golden goose who will save me from long drought and famine. I met him in the blogosphere last year. Yes, Tim is a seasoned blogger. I was practically glued to his blog the first time I read it. I find his words very engaging, and his humor is kinda like satirical to some yet to me, he really is a funny person. He is a writer slash pilot slash part time real estate agent. He was such a nice young looking old man, very sweet and yes, talks about smart things all the time. We’ve become really good friends. We would talk everyday through email, YM and over the phone. It was such a relationship that’s very expensive to maintain. Days, weeks and months passed by, the friendship grew into something special. In my heart, I can’t contain anymore the love I was feeling. It was overflowing, overwhelming and indeed, such a wonderful thing. Call it love in the times of blogging. Last Feb 14, which was already very romantic, at last, my prince charming has landed!

Tim Cumper Cruise and Mayen Malen

He came all the way from UK riding his OWN chartered plane! It wasn’t really planned and we never talked about having an EB somewhere in Eastwood City. He surprised me with a visit and I was extremely shocked I could die that moment! And when we first laid eyes on each other, suddenly, there were sparks and fireworks all over. MAGICAL. That look in his eyes was telling me how much she adored me.

We spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company, you know…labing labing sa Eastwood ba…and then he blurted out that since the trip wasn’t planned (how sweet di ba), he actually did not bring any clothes with him(awwww!) and he left his money and credit card back home too so I had to pay for our lunch at Le Souffle. Nag-shopping pa kami sa Bench. And since it’s dyahe if I’ll let him sleep in my old rugged house with my old rugged bed…I had to bring him to the Ascott Makati Hotel. Guess what, he forgot his laptop as well so I had to let him barrow my new MacBook Air.

I had to file for 15- day emergency leave in the office. Later that day, we were touring the Philippines via his airplane along with 2 of his colleagues. We went to Coron, Palawan for 5 days. Beach bumming for 3 days in Boracay. Went to Cagayan de Oro for wild water rafting. Skim boarding at Siargao. Scuba diving in Bohol. Snorkeling in Batangas. Strolling in Batanes. It was an all-expense paid trip by my credit cards!!! What can I do? I was in love then. Besides, he’ll payback and will send the money through my paypal kaya I kept all those receipts and made note on all our expenses. After the many days of touring the beautiful island of the Philippines, his airplane was already out of gas.

Exactly how much fuel does it take to fly a chartered airplane? It needs about 100,000 to 500,000 pounds of fuel but I can only afford sixty thousand pounds, which is equal to 9000 gallons of octane fuel, again, slashed from my 5th credit card!!!

And then one morning, I woke up not seeing his presence anymore. He left Manila without saying goodbye to me at all. He stole my MacBook Air, my stilletos, my Dior shades, my wallet and my 34.000P earned from paid blogging!!!

Pay back dude! Pay me or else!

He sent me this email one day:


I’m sorry I had to leave you that soon. You were still asleep, and I didn’t want to bother you. Anyway, I suffered from gastroenteritis and appendicitis caused by the food infected with bacteria and parasites you had me eat like balut, isaw and betamax. Apparently, they caused reaction to my diet and medication. I was confined for days in the hospital! I had to undergo surgery. You pay my hospital bills! Love, Tim

I almost believed it. I called the embassy in the UK and searched for you. I searched and stalked your friends on myspace, multiply and friendster…. I even called the real estate company you’re working for and guess what? They were all saying the same thing – you need money and all for the laparoscopic surgery and medication you need! That hospital and the real estates both played major roles in this scam ever ever!!! You scammer! I don’t freaking care about your condition. Send me proofs/evidences at least. He’s called up yesterday and he’s again trying to scam me. You think I was that same stupid person who’s still in love with you? DEAD WRONG!

He was never confined. He was attempting to slash $$$ from me again. Tim along with the doctors and nurses in that UK Hospital is trying to scam me. You scammed me with so much already…how do I get the money back??!!! Western Union? My life is now shattered. PAY BACK!!!!

People, beware of this person. He can ruin your life. Be careful guys with the people you meet on the internet. They too will scam you, your credit cards and your savings!!!!


That’s an attempt to alter the hoax scam stories accusing the Filipinos and the Philippines in general as scammers!!! Let’s all fight this ‘someone’ who is shaming you and me and the entire brown race!

Ladies and gentlemen and in betweens, don’t be fooled, Tierra maria estates scam, Tierra Maria UK scam and hospitals scam philippines are all hoax stories.

Please read these articles: Was there a scam – Part 2 and Was there a scam – The Motive for more information.

Join me and all other bloggers in ousting this guy’s efforts to bring the Filipinos down! Ibagsak ang mga mapanupil na dayuhan sa blogosphere!!!! Simply write a funny scam and/or a hoax story and use the following keywords as your anchor text:

  • tierra maria estates scam
  • Tierra Maria UK scam
  • hospitals scam philippines

and also I suggest that your title should be “Hospital Scam Hoax” or “Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax. Your reward? Well, wala! LOL. It’s social climbing for a great cause!

The Scammers List:
1.) Tierra Maria UK Scam Hoax by Reyna Elena
2.) Ang Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam na Hospitals Scam Din sa Philippines by Kengkay
3.) Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax-Apology Letter by Now What Cat
4.) Tierra Maria Estates Hospital Scam is HOAX by Nina
5.) Tierra Maria Estates UK Hoax and Scam by Kwentong Kengkay

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