Sony Vaio FW Series

I sooo love this huge Sony Vaio lappie I got from Reynz last year. It has an amazing laptop memory of 4G, 250HDD, Intel Core 2 Duo. Really top of the line. It’s designed for multimedia purposes and has 16.4-inch display. Other features include WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n) wireless module, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, and a 56K modem, as well as Dolby Sound Room Audio, a built-in web camera, HDMI and VGA outputs, 3 USB ports, ExpressCard, Memory Stick Duo, and Secure Digital slots, and a Firewire port. It also comes with a DVD and Blu-Ray burner! Thanks Reynz. This is one of the best gifts I’ve got so far. Way better than any lovelife there is, LOL.

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Ramdam ni Pepe and Pilar in Pasay ang Recession, noh?

OMG. Ramdam na ramdam ni Pepe and Pilar in Pasay ang recession. Kaloka. Umuulan nga mamera. HAHAHAH. Pramis, bukas papatulan ko na talaga yang mga 50 words for $0.50. Aba eh 23 pesos din yan noh, isang lata din ng Ligo yan at 3 pakete ng Odong noodles.

I have a question pala, I hope you can enlighten me. Mag re-renew ng passport ang ditse nyo tomorrow, so kelangan i-renew din ang picture, question is….baket kelangan kita ang TENGA pag nag-papa ID picture for passport? Hinde ko ma-get ang logic eh. No offense ha pero paano kung pingas? HAHAHA. Eh kase si Ruthie, (hinde sya pingas, ok) kahit anong pilit namin gawin kanina, ayaw lumabas nun tenga nya sa picture eh OL

Who gives the best answer/explanation will get a gift from me ( passport ID picture ni Ruthie hahah with a bonus -ID pciture ko hahahah). G’nyt!

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Blog Make-Over Package


If you’ve been reading here for quite sometime now, you’ll notice that I have not changed my theme since day 1. It’s been using this same old fashioned template eversince I started to self-host this blog. I tried switching my template one time but my ignoramousity caused me more troubles than I can imagine. I lost some of the old comments. Sayang talaga. Yah know, in every blogger’s career, comments (may it be good or bad), are highly valued. They make blogging all worth it LOL.

Once, I tried to update my wordpress software, but ended up deleting some chenelyn which caused this blog to shut down for 24 gruelling hours. Haay, I am such a technoboba, at times. I nosebled to death from that experience, it was traumatic too.

Do you also have this dilemma? Afraid of updating your wordpress software version to the latest? Have you been hacked? Problem with scripts? Changing themes? Plugins that don’t work?


reyna elena dot com together with blog-almighty dot com is proud to offer you one friendly and inexpensive Blog Support with tender loving care!  Full customization price is only $75 per blog if you sign-up HERE. No surcharges, hidden costs and other eklavus.


They will set-up and fully customize your blog. Theme included.
They will provide you with unlimited WordPress blog support.
No membership required of any kind.

Which means they will take care of the following:

Website design and Content Management Software installations;
Wordpress installation and development;
Wordpress theme design, customization and development;
Wordpress recovery from previous hacks, losses and other related errors;
Wordpress migration from old to new domain and web hosting; and
Other WordPress back-end and front-end optimization.

What if you have more than one (1) blog?
Your 2nd blog gets a 10% discount and for the 3rd and more, you get 15% discount.


If you sign up today, you’ll only lose 75$  hahaha BUT you’ll gain not just an unlimited blog techsupport, but also, a lifetime of friendship and social climbing with two of the best bloggers around the world!

Enjoy blogging!

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Scary Encounter with a Stranger

I had a scary encounter with a stranger last night, around 11PM at 711 along Edsa, opposite ng Nepa QMART. Galing ako sa bahay, dala ko yung mga labada ko, laptop, digicam, cellphone and some cash. I was planning to take a cab papuntang apartment when I decided to buy mineral water muna sa 711 and then this old man approached me, he was looking for imported hotdogs daw, he’s a foreigner and he’s been walking for 5 hours. Walking for 5 hours ha, eh kasabay ko kaya sya sa bus haller. Chinika-chila ako ng Lolo, asking for my whereabouts etc. He asked for my name, ang sabi ko you can call me Sarah…Sarah Geronimo LOL. Nakipag shake hands pa ang mokong. San daw ako nakatira, asking if I’m single, syempre pinangalandakan kong I’m married kuno. Papasok daw ba ako sa work or uuwi sa bahay. I swear talagang nangatog na ako sa nerbyos, he was even trying to help me carry my other bag. Syempre nag English ang lola nyo, sabi ko…No thanks, I can carry hahahhaha. Dali dali akong lumabas ng 711, ang hinde ko inaasahan eh hahabulin pala ako ng lolo nyoooo….


Oh no!!! Anong balak nito?? Shucks!!! Hinablot yung laptop bag ko!!!!!!!!!! Kasama ang cellphone, digicam at cash. Huhuhu

Charing lang. Pero yun ang iniisip kong susunod na mangyayari hahaha. Buti na lang may napara agad akong taxi. Deadma na. Ang ending, nakauwi naman ako ng matiwasay.  Pero sobrang takot ko. Diyos ko, ipag-adya mo po ako sa lahat ng masama. Patnubayan nawa ako ng iyong mga anghel sa langit.

Pero seryoso nga, natakot talaga ako.  

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Cheap Auto Insurance

In this modern times when almost everyone owns a car, it is very important that you get a car insurance to help you in case accident occur. There are a lot of them available out there but not all can give you that coverage that you might be looking for so you should be careful of what kind of car insurance to purchase. Of course, good coverage insurance are a little expensive, but there are cheap auto insurance available too. Choosing the right car insurance policy for you could be a tremendous job but if you know what is important you will find it rather easier. Get free quotes now, search the internet then compare prices before you get one.

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Chuvaness’ 2008 Favorites

It was/is a good year!!! Thank you guys for bringing joy and laughters and for all the smiles you brought into my blogging life. Presenting to you my favorites for the past 364 days (wala lang, pang-epal lang LOL) 

Favorite Website – GOOGLE, the greatest stalking tool there is
Favorite Expression – “Ib-blog kita” and “jia yu”
Favorite Outfit – Tokongs
Favorite Past time – Watching any American TV series etc.
Favorite Gadget – Laptop
Favorite Snack – Kirei LOL
Favorite Ulam – Kare-kare by Ate Mers
favorite Drink – Pulpy Orange
Favorite Brand – Nike
Favorite Footwear – Sandals
Favorite Tiangge – St. Francis
Favorite Place – my room
Favorite Resto – Seafood Island
Favorite Song – Don’t Lie LOLLLLL
Favorite Movie – Transformers
Favorite Bling bling – watch
Favorite TV Show – National Geographic’s Air Crash Investigation
Favorite Series – move out Prison Break, Started With A Kiss passsokk!!! LOL
Favorite Coffee – Nescafe 3 in 1
Favorite Mall – Trinoma
Favorite ‘mushy’ Album – Low Key
Favorite Pasta – Jack’s Loft’s Carbonara
Favorite Pizza – Bigoli’s
favorite Scent – fresh scents
Favorite Shake – Melon Shake
Favorite Dessert – Cheese cake
Favorite Person – Cassie, my cutie niece

Wishing you all a prosperous 2009!

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Wishing You Peace, Joy and Happiness This Holiday Season

You have, in one way or another, enriched my life this year! I look back with great gratitude to our Maker for giving me such wonderful gifts — you, and the time (5 min onwards) given to me to laugh, argue, grieve, smash, bowl, sing, exchange notes, chat, email and/or share drinks/eat with you — locally or virtually. I pray that God will shower you with great blessings and good health so you may have yet another wonderful year in 2009!

Send those gifts to me and make my Christmas more meaningful LOL. I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year too! Mwaaah! 

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2nd Annual Christmas Tree Blog Parade by

Sorry Bluep, walang Christmas tree sa bahay eh. Etong Christmas tree na lang made from old cassette tapes which won the grand prize for this year’s Christmas tree making contest held in our office LOL. Patented itey, wala pang ibang nakagawa, kami pa lang LOL.

nice noh?

This is the 2nd Annual OTWOMD Christmas Tree Blog Parade 2008 Meme created and conceptualized by OTWOMD of Bluepanjeet.Net The purpose of this meme is to enliven the Christmas spirit by showing to the world our very own Christmas trees. They say that it is on the Christmas tree that best describes how a person celebrates his or her own Christmas.

This meme was originally conceptualize in order to:

  • Promote the spirit of Christmas around the blogosphere
  • Spread awareness of the true meaning of the Christmas Tree
  • Encourage the family members to have a bonding around the Christmas tree
  • promote Christmas cheer and camaraderie among bloggers

Everyone can join regardless of nationality, race or religion. Even Atheists are welcome to join. So here are the rules:

  1. Copy the Logo of this meme and resize it that will best fit your blog or according to your desire and post it on your entry. You can also embed the official video presentation of Last year’s blog parade in your current entry (optional) Located HERE.
  2. Take a photo of your Christmas tree inside your house not smaller than the size of 500×375 pixel (for cropping purposes for the parade). It would be better but not required to at least take three different shots of the three (landscape, portrait and detailed shots). A whole body shot of the Christmas Tree is the most appropriate photo. And then post it on your blog entry
  3. Tell something about your Christmas tree like who decorated it, what are the ornaments and accessories, or what is the theme and meaning of your Christmas tree this year.
  4. You can put any title on your meme but don’t forget to include “2008 Christmas Tree Blog Parade”.
  5. Do the link train history for the purposes of tracking. Last year there were people who where not included because the people who tagged them did not do this link train (Please refer to last year’s blog Parade). Put the link of your previous bloggers who tagged you and your own link, Example: Tag History: Bluepanjeet, PusaChuvaChuvaness – “YOU”

The link train will provide clue on “who tagged who” and at the same time a reference of data for the creator of this meme. I am tagging the very white “Snow” LOL

The use of old cassette tapes was actually my idea *ahem*

the over-all design was made possible by…

super gwapong Erwin and super talented Daiji (you guys are great, hehehe, magaling lang ako sa idea pero hinde sa execution lol)

Lego-inspired ang Christmas tree na itey

si Jeff, ang look alike ni Richard Gutierrez, nag bi-building blocks

parang LEGO lang di ba

adding some final bonggang bonggang origami stars

it’s called “plasma xmas tree”

Ang finish product.


shining, glittering, shimmering

anong sey ng christmas tree sa araneta?

see, andaming nag papa-picture lol

congrats team for winning the grand prize hehehe. ang galing-galing naten LOL. kudos to the other finalists too.

2nd prize goes to IPIL-IPIL XMAS TREE by Nanie, Orville etc.  

3rd Prize goes to Origami Xmas Tree, spearheaded by Macappleboy


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Remembering College Life

I am missing college life. I’ve had so many wonderful memories from the University and when I look back at my life then, I can help but laugh out loud. Here are some unforgettable stories I wanna share. Let me start here:

* I hated my Ruthie the first time I saw her. Her presence was quite irritating and I get annoyed whenever I hear her voice. Later on, we became really good friends. She is my bestfriend for 11 years now.

* I dated a guy who was 3 years younger than me. He’s the younger brother of my very good friend. I don’t ever see myself dating younger men again. Very complicated.

* Falling in and out and in and out of love with my-so-called-first *puppy* love. Contrary to what others believe, first love dies. It died on me. It did take a while but it will pass and your agony will end. Trust me.

* The reason why I got a perfect UNO with my Physics 1 class was because I cheated big time. The next sem I took Physics 2, I almost failed it.

* I failed my Accounting 101 class. I hated it. I don’t have patience using those long ledgers, and balance sheets etc. I would galdly accept if I failed Calculus or Thermodynamics but a minor subject (for Engineering) like Accounting, it’s not just right.

* I had one big fight with one of my very close friends. As in big fight like I was fuming with anger and we kept shouting at each other in front of many people. I was soooo bad, I made her cry that day. Until today, I still remember the exact words I said to her.

* I danced MACARENA in front of my classmates. It’s a class presentation and I had to do it. Yikes. Everybody was screaming as I groove to that song. The thing is, I was giving it my best shot, which made it look funnier.

There’s just sooo many good and bad things I will forever cherish. Don’t you love your college life? I still wanna pursue my studies and take another degree but my busy schedule will not allow me to go back to University. How about getting  Online Degrees instead? I have thought about it, and I’m seriously planning to get one soon. If you’re interested, check out this list of online degrees at Earn College Degree website. Have fun!

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Coming Soon: Chuvaness Gives Back

I have a gazillion friends from different places. Friends since childhood, friends from High School, friends I met from the youth org I joined years ago, friends from the ministry, friends from the university, friends I met through other friends, friends on friendster, myspace, multipy, facebook and of course, blog friends! There’s just soo many of them! Of course, they’re not all my BFF’s, and I may not be always around for them if they need my help, but I make sure that whenever I get a chance, I send them sms, email or call them. That’s just a simple gesture but who knows, it could very well brighten their day.

Yeah, you can easily say that I am a friendly person. Well, I don’t have much problems blending with others, I love socializing! So when one of my blogmates accused me of being snobbish and cold,  honestly, I was speechless. I try to be friendly as much as I can and yet, to him, I was playing all snob. I know, I am not replying to your comments as often as I can, I hope you guys understand that I am quite loaded with work every single day LOL. Besides, I usually spend an enormous amount of time trying to come up with words to say to you all. But I will make it to you guys. As I way of showing my love and gratitude to you all, for sticking up with me all this time,  I’m having a contest soon. And here are the prices at stake:

1. Free Domain

2. Free Hosting

3. Free Domain + Hosting

4. Paypal love gift worth 50$

5. Gifts from

Come back soon for more details. Ciao!

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