Win a 40″ LCD TV and Home Theater System

I want a new LCD TV in my living room. A 40″ LCD TV! I know, that’s a little too big for my small house, but I could install a ceiling tv mounts to save space, right?

If you want an LCD TV too, check out Ensogo and get a chance to win a Samsung Entertainment Package (40″ LCD TV and Home Theater System) by joining their special raffle. It’s very easy, just complete a short survey asking you questions about the things you like. It’s done in 3-5mins! Who knows, this could be your chance to bring home an entertainment package. Lord, help me to win this raffle pls!

Click HERE to START your survey

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Comments Not Working

SO I was successful finally in changing my template, but found out later that comments are not showing. When i saw the words FATAL ERROR, it scared the hell out of me. Just yesterday morning, I accidentally killed this blog and now here comes another terrifying moment…

I fixed it by following THIS.

<?php // echo avatar_by_id( $comment->user_id, 32 ); ?>

Just add // between php and echo.

I didn’t expect it to be THAT EASY. HAHA. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to learn new things everyday…and for saving me from those nosebleeding days that’s hard to endure.

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Starting Tomorrow….

Day 01 – A picture of yourself
Day 02 – A picture of what you wore today
Day 03 – A picture of what you did today
Day 04 – A picture of where you went today
Day 05 – A picture of your morning
Day 06 – A picture that inspires you
Day 07 – A picture that makes you cry
Day 08 – A picture of yourself
Day 09 – A picture of what you had for lunch
Day 10 – A picture of what you like to do
Day 11 – A picture of your favorite drink
Day 12 – A picture of your favorite food
Day 13 – A picture of your friends
Day 14 – A picture of your favorite teacher(s)
Day 15 – A picture of yourself
Day 16 – A picture of your dream cell phone
Day 17 – A picture of your mp3 player
Day 18 – A picture of your room
Day 19 – A picture of your favorite musical instrument(s)
Day 20 – A picture of where you want to honeymoon
Day 21 – A picture that makes you think of your loved one
Day 22 – A picture of yourself
Day 23 – A picture that describes your life
Day 24 – A picture of what you did today
Day 25 – A picture that you edited
Day 26 – A picture that makes you angry
Day 27 – A picture of you more than 10 years ago
Day 28 – A picture of what you wore today
Day 29 – A picture of yourself
Day 30 – A picture of you and your best friend

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Blog Makeover

Last night, I decided it was the perfect time to rearrange things in my blog life, so I changed my template, dropped the banner and deleted some stuff that’s eating up a lot of space. And yes, I finally switched to WordPress version 2.8! Yeay! Imagine, I was using the 2.3.2 version for 2 years lol. The first time I tried to update my WP, I messed up and deleted the database and everything else that need not be deleted. Good thing my host had a back up, but I lost some of my entries and those precious comments. Since then, I never tried to do an update again, but after reading and following carefully the instructions, I was able to do it myself hahaha. That’s quite an achievement for me. Hopefully, I can find time to makeover my other blogs too.

So the next step now is to reformat and upgrade the desktop at home. I need to buy computer memory for my PC and an external hard drive, plus  a nice headset with microphone for podcasting 🙂

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Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

I now present to you my honest vote for this year’s Top 10 Influential Blogs.


1. BARRIO SIETE – One of a kind. I’ve been blogging since time immemorial, I’ve seen the worst and the best, sa totoo lang ha walang halong charing…barrio siete is the best collective blog there is. Kudos to the Barrio Capitana and the Barrio councilors.

2. Dear Bloggery – Ang nag iisang Ms. Congenialty ng Blogosphere na uber bait at uber active sa mga blogging activities. Go go go snow white!

3. Revsiopao – The Not-Quite-HOLY smörgåsbord of Revsiopao, take your bite! (minsan asado, minsan bola-bola). Sa totoo lang, nag iba ang pananaw ko sa mga Reverends/Pari/Seminarista when I met him, along with Brother Utoy and Bluep. Nakaka turn off pala hahaha charing lang.

4. The Struggling Blogger – Napanood ko sya sa ch 2 sa show ni Korina featuring his blog “Letters To Mama”, I went online agad to check it out…waaaah, super touching and inspiring. Kuya Roy, ifever you read this,  thank you for sharing your life to us, don’t worry, life is not an endless struggle.    

5. Sa labas nang Mandaluyong – Kaloka ang grammar ng isang to, hindi lang subject-verb agreement. When I grow up, i want to be like him.  

6. Extra Super Special Batchoy with Egg – Aakalain mo bang Palanca awardee ang lola ko? Hahaha. His wit and humor is exemplary.

7. Nortehanon – Super bilib ako sa blogger na to, iilang bloggers lang ang may mabuting adhikain noh, kaya let’s support Nortehanon’s PENS OF HOPE

8. Chocolateword – When you read her posts alam mo agad na matalino sya. ‘day, I want to be like you, gusto ko din makadale ng amerkano hahaha.

9. Dare to speak out! by Silver –  Wala akong masabi sa isang to, napaka-fearless. Eto yata ang makabagong-Gabriela. She has a say about everything – from politics to showbiz to everything else.

10. It’s Johnonymous! – I often get amazed whenever he comments about a certain topic, parang ang galing-galing. So when I checked his blog, I found out that his biggest admiration goes to those who are into social causes and positive changes. Taray di ba?

It’s amazing what these guys have accomplished in a very short period of time. They have their own following already. Eto yata ang mga social climbers to the highest level of all levels!!!! LOL

Seriously, congrats to all of you. May you continue to shine here, there and everywhere!! Haha 

If you want to join, here’s how:

  • Blog about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 and link it to Janette Toral’s original entry.

  • Select 10 of who you believe have what it takes to be influential.

  • Make sure, your choices started their blogs from May 2008 to the present.

  • Their profile and email address are visible.

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Welcome To The Pilapins, Chuva and Diwa!!!

Oye! Another EB event mga tsong and tsang. Halos buwan-buwan may ka-EB yata ang lola nyo haha. Kakatuwa to finally see their faces. Ampuputi nila haha. Anyway, I met most of these bloggers online through Reynz, almost 2 years ago. I didn’t expect to meet such beautiful souls in real life haha 

Si Ditseeee of, ang nag-iisang NEGASTAR!!! Kaasar, ang flawless nya, iba talaga ang kutis pag galing Jameirica, mala-sutla.

si Diwa na uber prettyness ang face, camera shy ang bruha

ang cute na cute na si Kotsengkuba, ang ever reliable tech support ng Barrio Siete

Amorfancis dot com and son, mga 3x ko na din na-meet itong si Amor, super nice ever! 

si Heyokity dot Com na pang supermodel ang katawan, naging super close ko na din ang gurl na itey, madalas kaming mag-EB ng 2 lang kami haha thank you ‘daaay mwah. inggit ako..i want that SLR too

All Crab Boodle from Seafood Island

Leftovers, kung andito si Reynz, pihadong ipapa-take out nya to for his boylets hahaha

walang humpay na kwentuhan and tawanan

Chuva and KK

Finally, The Chuva and Chuvachuchu Tandem LOLSSS

cheap lang kami kaya dito kami sa McCafe nag kwentuhan over a cup of coffee

Ang mga relief goods from Jameirica!

Dyaraaan!!! 2 tshirts and 2 blouse, hmmm amoy imported, aylabeeet! Thank you!

nakngtokwaaa hinde tinanggal yun tag haha, hoyy baka singilin nyo pa ko ha!!

at 2 chipipay na chocolates!! Hoy hinde man lang CADBURY!!!! HAHAHHA. Mukhang sa 711 nyo lang to binili ah hahahah. Chos.


To Chuva and Diwa, super duper thank you ever for the friendship, pati na din sa relief goods haha at sa dinner and coffee. I love them. Mwaaah mwaah, I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I wish you both a safe travel back to America. Pwede ba akong magpabitbit ng package? HAHAHA

See yah!

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Effective Campaigns Through Email Marketing Services

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You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create an attractive email newsletter. For all your newsletter needs, check out iContact. They’re the best option out there for anyone who wants to use email marketing services. They have great inbox deliverability, an extremely easy to use email marketing software, great prices that start at $9.95 per month, lots of templates, and also include surveying, autoresponder, and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge.They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. They also take care of making sure your message gets to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you are currently running into deliverability issues with your existing newsletter sending method, iContact will be very helpful and ensure inbox delivery of your messages. The application also allows you to track the opens and clickthroughs on your emails, add a sign-up form to your web site, segment your list, and manage your subscribers.

A 15 day free trial of iContact is available at Sign up now and send 250 messages to up to 250 subscribers (trial version includes the full iContact set of features). They also provide technical support during your evaluation.

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Summer’s Just Around The Corner

It’s summer time na!!! Summer’s just around the corner and my colleagues are already planning a getaway either in Puerto Galera or Hundred Islands. Can you feel the heat already?  So stressful to sleep at night, our small desk fan is not putting out enough air to fan the whole room. I’ve been feeling bad the past days, suffering from dry cough since we came back last Thursday, due to weather change I guess hehehe. Maybe I got so used to HK’s freezing cold weather, my body didn’t adjust well when I came back hahaha plus, I haven’t had enough sleep the past days! The trip turned out to haha be more stressful than relaxing. I didn’t realized it’s winter in HK, I didn’t bring any coat or thick jacket with me, in fact, I only brought a mid-length blazer, not enough to keep me warm from HK’s cold weather. We were soaked in the rain the first two days we came. We were all thoroughly wet and tired but that didn’t stop us from walking the streets of Mongkok. The following day, the weather was splendid, still cold but it was nice to get out.

Maybe I should ask bossing to install  modern ceiling fans in the house. Check out the unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories offered at They have a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers like casablanca fans, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Monte Carlo fans, NuTone, Quorum and Westinghouse. You can also order your customized fans with all the specifications that you need. How cool is that?

Summer is upon us and I have to say that it’s one of my favorite seasons. Can’t wait to try parasailing in Hundred Islands. Yipppeee!

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It feels good to be back

It’s been a tiring week. The HK tour was super but I feel super duper tired. I started working as soon as I arrived last Thursday morning (2AM) and it really feels good to be back home! Tomorrow is my rest day, finally, I’ll be able to get enough sleep and beauty rest. I missed my bed! My pillows and my warm blanket which comforts me when I feel cold. I so missed you sunshine! HK’s weather was a bit gloomy and windy, with some rains. I missed how the sun would shine through the Cheap Blinds on my window! And yah know what I missed the most? Blogging hehehe. Night!

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The Tour That Blogging Bought

Bukas na ang tindahan! Just got back this morning from the land of Hong Kong noodles para ma-experience ang lifestyle ng mga well-to-do ahahaha.

Weeee! This tour is brought to you by Pepe and Pilar in Pasig earnings.

Patapos pa lang ang winter, grabeng sobrang lamig. Sarado ang mga pores!!!




hay napagod ako kakataas ng kamay

ang new hairdo, bangs at ang parang inogag na highlights ni Ate Georgia LOL.

Back to work, back to reality na. Expect more Pepe and Pilars in the next few days dahil kayod marino ulet ang ditse nyo. More pics to follow. Check out my next entries, I’ll tell you more chika, tips about packing, suggestions, what-nots and all other stuff you need to know when visiting Hong Kong in a tight budget. Super duper tipid talaga ito, in fact, twice a day lang kami kumain hahahha. For 8 days, including a trip to Macau, sa maniwala kayo o hinde, posible ang 20K pesoses na budget, pero ref magnets lang ang ma-sho-shopping mo with that money ha kaya wag mag expect ng Gucci bag dahil kahit yung japeyk eh pagkamahal-mahal doon hahah. I’ll tell you more about it soon, pag may time, meantime, maglalaba muna ang ditse, santambak ang labada ko as in.

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