Leon Cordero, Duwag Lang Ang Hahalik sa Lupa (Starring Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo)


I’m sure you all have heard the news…I’d like to stay neutral because clearly, lahat may mali – from Cebu Pacific, to security guards down to CCTV.

I think this was what happened, Mon being aggressive and hot-tempered may have pushed or maybe even punched Raymart when the latter tried to confiscate his cellphone. Eh komo action star yun isa, hindi magpapa-agrabyado yun.

Worst is, sumabay pa sa gulo yun guy in pink and Claudine, tuloy mukhang nambugbog sila ng matanda. Napaka-cheap talaga ni Claudine. Walang class! Hindi talaga nabibili ang good manners and right conduct. Akala nya naman, sya lang ang inagrabyado ng Cebu Pacific. Ayan kasi ang hihilig sa PISO FARE! Mwahahaha

Napakabilis uminit ng ulo ng mga to! Dapat sa kanila, i-enroll lahat sa ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.

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Spying Over Burn After Reading


Reasons Why I Want To Watch This Movie

1. On its opening weekend, the film grossed $19.1 million in 2,651 theaters in the United States and Canada, ranking #1 at the box office.

2. It got 79% freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes based on 147 reviews as of September 15, 2008.

3. The Times newspaper gave the movie four out of five stars for  its “savagely comic taste for creative violence and a slightly mocking eye for detail.”

4. Oh c’mon…..it’s THE BRAD PITT and THE GEORGE CLOONEY!!!! Hollywood A-listers. World’s most attractive men. I love them both but I super adore Brad Pitt. I love his performance on Legends of the Fall, 7 years in Tibet and Troy.

5. This is the very first Movie Premiere of Nuffnang Philippines in cooperation with  Viva Entertainment Inc and  Robinsons Movie World.  Showing on November 18, 2008, Tuesday 7:30pm at Robinsons Movie World, Robinsons Galleria. Lucky nuffnangers will get free tickets. Wow! Wow! Weeeh! Can’t wait to watch this film with my gurlfriends. Looks fun. I might also get a chance to social climb with other Pinoy bloggers.

PS, if you wanna earn extra money plus win exciting prizes, join NUFFNANG PHILIPPINES. Now na!  I tell you, great perks await you at Nuffnang.

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One Bloody Arrogant Airhead

TRIVIA: the winner of the 2008 PBA best personal blog is one bloody arrogant airhead!

May I quote ako sa COMMENT OF THE YEAR ng ating airhead. This is his response to Bluep’s entry entitled: Some people are just not that hungry for awards

From a debater from Team Philippines during the 2008 World Universities Debate Championship — the examples you presented are non sequiturs.

I (along with the other winners) personify the new blogger. The new blogger is no longer a tech-bound geek confined to talking about things that only people in the industry would understand. Outside of blogging, I’m a medical student in the top medical school in the country. I’m one of the best collegiate debaters in the Philippines. On top of this, I have obligations to my basketball team and my heavy metal rock band. You have the nerve to trivialize us?

Get this, punk. YOU HAVE NOTHING ON ME.

And get this ROCKSTAR, you have nothing on me too. You have lost the 1-inch respect I have for you. People will never care for what you are and what you have become…Now here’s another comment he posted on reyna elena

I honestly think he has nothing on me, I’m sorry. I hate it when nobodies try to grandstand. It’s one of the things that I just can’t stand.

Hoy Ginoong Chorvalais, maloloka ako sayo. Are you serious? You must really hate yourself then.  I’ll teach you something airhead, it’s called R E S P E C T. Didn’t your ilovayah mom teach you that? You do not have the right to put ANYBODY down and make them feel bad and  break down their self-confidence to glorify yourself.  FYI: I don’t have any respect for you anymore…not that it matters to you but I want to tell you and the whole world that, you BENJ aka ATHEISTA aka ROCKSTAR aka winner of 2008 PBA’s BEST PERSONAL BLOG, gave me enough reasons to disrespect you in any way. You are one bloody selfish airhead who doesn’t know anything about life. Nasa blogosphere lang kami, ang ere mo nasa exosphere na.

You call bluep NOBODY because you’re a med student slash basketball player slash debater slash ROCKSTAR slash airhead? HAHAHAHA. And what about the below the belt comments you and your friends said on your favorite Chismis Portal Plurk News Central? Eh anak pala kayo ng mga backfighters at tsismosa eh. Ang hilig nyong mag name dropping sa plurk tapos kukuyugin nyo? I say, play fair! Mas balahura pala kayo sa min eh kase kami we NEVER as in NEVER  do that. Sabi mo good looking ka daw. Whahaha. Now, does it make you feel superior than any of us? Kelan naging basehan ng pagkatao ang fez value aber?

Did you even read the whole post? The whole point of the entire post is that, NOT ALL  people are hungry for awards. Period, wala ng kasunod. Not everyone NEEDS an ego booster. Now tell me what’s wrong with that? In the first place, that post wasn’t even pointed to you. Walang umaagaw ng korona award mo HAHAHAH. Are you GUILTY??

I’m just curious? How many airheards are you in the family? Does your TOP MEDICAL SCHOOL have an air conditioner? Do you eat air 5 times a day? You are bloated with air mister. When you went to your debate, did you fly by air? You know Ginoong Chorvalais, it’s not good where you grew up old. There’s a lot of air pollution.

Tell me, after your winning, going home, did you experience any air pockets Ginoong Chorvalais? I’m sure airheads like you must be seated at the First Air Class. So, do you like No Air by Jordin? On your free time, what do you do? Climb Mt. Everest for air in the sky? You know the jet propulsion in Pasadena, California? They’re trying to find air in planet Mars. They shouldn’t look that far…I’ll tell them there’s an air factory planted in your head! Just be careful though, you might erupt your head anytime. Ouch! And what are your plans now? I bet, you like working in the airforce? Taliban Airforce perhaps? Or the Mujahideen of the Afghanistan? You can be an environmenalist to fight for clean air. Now, of course that means, you’ll have to evaporate!

Oh yeah, I am a NOBODY too – and this nobody is soooo frekin pissed with airheads like you. I am also one of the NOBODIES who pays 15000 worth of tax each month (you do the math) so that airheads like you can brag to the OTHER NOBODIES that you study in the TOP MEDICAL CHUVA to become the world’s best chovarloo ek ek!

Get this Rockstar, you are less than nothing to me! You’re an anti-matter! Surely, you exist but not to nobodies like me. You’re a negative infinity! Tseh!

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Movie Review: Eagle Eye, Shia LaBeouf

Toni and I watched Eagle Eye (Shia LaBeouf) last Wedenesday. It was nice. If you watched Enemy of the State and I, Robot, pretty much you’ll know how the story has evolved. I liked it though, action-packed, loud with lots of explosions and super computer powers! Shia plays a very likable character and provides a good performance. I like that guy. I first watched him on his GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED movie and since then, he’s become a favorite. I’ve seen him on Indiana Jones, Transformers, Disturbia and he was in I, Robot too! Yeah, I am such a movie buff! It’s more fun watching on big screen, right? You know, one of my dreams is to have a home theater with Dolby Digital Surround, star ceilings and elegant home theater lighting that will make any viewing fun and pleasurable.

Going back to the movies, if you like action and sci-fi movies, EAGLE EYE is a must-see movie for you. Have fun watching!


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The Life and Works of Rizal

The Rizal Family was considered one of the biggest families during their time. They’re also one of the richest families in their hometown, the fact that JPRizal was able to study medicine in Europe (he was secretly supported by his brother Paciano) tells us already that the family was well-off. He travelled to Madrid alone in May 1882 and studied at the Universidad Central de Madrid where he earned the degree, Licentiate in Medicine. The said university still exist today. I would love to visit my friend Lui in Madrid someday and tour the many beautiful places they offer. It’s like a trip into history. If you’re visiting Spain, check out Madrid Hotels In Destinia (2) for all your hotel accommodations.

Going back to our topic, I am really amazed with the life and works of our national hero. If time travel is true, I would love to go back to his time and stalk him big time to find out if everything written about him is true. He was quite a guy. History says his good manners and warm personality were found irresistible by women of all races with whom he had personal contacts with – name them, Leonor Rivera, Nelly Boustead, Josephine Bracken, Seisan, Gertrude Beckett etc. His intelligence and humility gained him the respect and admiration of prominent men of other nations and his courage to fight for equal rights for Filipinos were feared by his enemies.

He was a polymath with the ability to master various skills and subjects. He was an ophthalmologist, sculptor, painter, educator, farmer, historian, playwright and journalist. Besides poetry and creative writing, he has expertise in architecture, cartography, economics, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, dramatics, martial arts, fencing and pistol shooting. Wow. I mean WOW!!!! Sounds too good to be true, right? If I put all his achievements in a RESUME, you’ll be quite amazed.

Can you find another Filipino who achieved more than what he has achieved in life? No doubt, he was a genius and he loved our country, he fought for its freedom in a very silent way. He expressed his love for his countrymen through writing novels and other paper works. Well, a lot of us can do that too! But then it’s different during that time. This is not a question whether he deserve to be our National Hero or not. It’s just that for me, my idea of a hero is someone who uses force, weapon and bloodshed. LOL. This is what you’ll get from watching too many movies, I guess. I read somewhere that we won the ‘title’ because he “underwent a heroic death” unlike others who got sick. Could he be just overrated? I’ll leave that to you dear readers.

Don’t you dare get me wrong here, I have the highest respect for him and I believe, he’s the greatest  and the most prominent man of the Filipino people.

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Do you play World of Warcraft?

Fantasy world excites me (ok, not that type of ‘fantasy’ playing on your dirty mind lol). I’ve always been fascinated with fantasy related stuff – from Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring series to fantasy love stories to Star Wars to Merlin and to the World of Warcraft series! It allows me to have a little time away from reality. Do you want a whole new fantasy experience? Well, you should be playing RPG’s like WoW (World of Warcraft). WoW is the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game and I love it. I am such a fan of the Warcraft world. You control a character, level it up, buy items, teamwork, destroy the enemy and win the game.  It has such an awesome 3D graphics and animation, the stories are quite interesting, the races are exciting and fascinating plus, cool music they got there. Aside from that, you can interact with other players, chat, make friends and complete a quest with other players. It’s a lot of fun. Imagine yourself as a warrior in the LOTR, same world but different story! You can build up your own character and become anyone you want to be – like a warior princess living in creepy misty forests.

If you haven’t tried playing WoW, oh well, you’re missing one-fourth of your life LOL. One thing though, it’s very addicting, so if you don’t know what balance and discipline means, this game is not for you.  If you wanna give WoW a try, you can buy cheap wow accounts at MMOAccounts.com. They offer secured payment and upon purchase, you automatically get 100% lifetime guarantee and protection from having your account reclaimed or disabled. So if you’re looking for a place to buy and sell your WoW accounts, MMOAccounts.com is the answer! They have been the premier provider of secured World of Warcraft accounts, supplying thousands of satisfied customers with pre-leveled, high-end secured WoW Accounts. Their prices are quite reasonable and competitive with excellent 24/7 customer support and service!

Enjoy playing and see yah there!

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100 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. 

Aside from the opening of the Olympics and the wedding frenzy happening all over…today is also a-once-in-every-100 years event! You and I wont be around the next time 08-08-08 happens again so savor this day or this extremely-extraordinary-happy-coincidence-moment just passes you by. Enjoy. Have fun. Live. Love. Laugh. Blog!

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I am no USER. Never! I never use people. I am no power tripper. I don’t like corporate chismaks. I do not meddle on corporate affairs. If there’s chismis in the office, I’m always the last to know.


I waited for 2 years to get what I have now.


Kase ganito yun, March 2 yata if I remember it right…was my exit interview. I filed for resignation and March 15 was supposed to be my last day in the office. Everything was all set and I was very happy and excited to go, finally. The manager even signed the letter already.


During the interview, my boss asked me the reasons why I am resigning and everything…and what they can do to change my mind daw…


I am never demanding in real life but since it was a chance to finally voice out what I have been keeping in my heart for years, I demanded something. Nope, it wasn’t actually a DEMAND…it was a PROPOSAL….hmmm not even close to it, I just said what was in my mind. I wanted CHANGE.


So I applied and had a panel interview and after a month, it was granted.


Truth is, that was the 1st and only time that I was able to talk to the manager in all the years I’ve worked for the company….You know why? Kase hinde ako SIPSIP. Ganun lang yun.


I never do that. Nevah.


Magdidildil na lang ako ng asin at mamamatay sa gutom but I will never ever SIPSIP the blood of my superiors. Not that everything’s wrong about it…but I just can’t see myself climbing up the rurok ng tagumpay at the expense of others, if you know what I mean.


I knew it. I was expecting this to happen. This and much more. Are you telling me that I do not deserve this post? Are you questioning my credibility, your honor? I was affected, a little lang. Hurt ang fride ko.


I realized, BITTER PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE BITTER AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THEIR BITTERNESS. Hehehe. I don’t have to explain myself to you or to anyone else. And between the 2 of us, kung sinuman ang MALAKAS SA MANAGEMENT, you know very well that it is YOU.

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Tierra Maria UK scam is one big HOAX!

This is Malen and I will share with you my story.


Tim, I thought, was the golden goose who will save me from long drought and famine. I met him in the blogosphere last year. Yes, Tim is a seasoned blogger. I was practically glued to his blog the first time I read it. I find his words very engaging, and his humor is kinda like satirical to some yet to me, he really is a funny person. He is a writer slash pilot slash part time real estate agent. He was such a nice young looking old man, very sweet and yes, talks about smart things all the time. We’ve become really good friends. We would talk everyday through email, YM and over the phone. It was such a relationship that’s very expensive to maintain. Days, weeks and months passed by, the friendship grew into something special. In my heart, I can’t contain anymore the love I was feeling. It was overflowing, overwhelming and indeed, such a wonderful thing. Call it love in the times of blogging. Last Feb 14, which was already very romantic, at last, my prince charming has landed!

Tim Cumper Cruise and Mayen Malen

He came all the way from UK riding his OWN chartered plane! It wasn’t really planned and we never talked about having an EB somewhere in Eastwood City. He surprised me with a visit and I was extremely shocked I could die that moment! And when we first laid eyes on each other, suddenly, there were sparks and fireworks all over. MAGICAL. That look in his eyes was telling me how much she adored me.

We spent the whole day enjoying each other’s company, you know…labing labing sa Eastwood ba…and then he blurted out that since the trip wasn’t planned (how sweet di ba), he actually did not bring any clothes with him(awwww!) and he left his money and credit card back home too so I had to pay for our lunch at Le Souffle. Nag-shopping pa kami sa Bench. And since it’s dyahe if I’ll let him sleep in my old rugged house with my old rugged bed…I had to bring him to the Ascott Makati Hotel. Guess what, he forgot his laptop as well so I had to let him barrow my new MacBook Air.

I had to file for 15- day emergency leave in the office. Later that day, we were touring the Philippines via his airplane along with 2 of his colleagues. We went to Coron, Palawan for 5 days. Beach bumming for 3 days in Boracay. Went to Cagayan de Oro for wild water rafting. Skim boarding at Siargao. Scuba diving in Bohol. Snorkeling in Batangas. Strolling in Batanes. It was an all-expense paid trip by my credit cards!!! What can I do? I was in love then. Besides, he’ll payback and will send the money through my paypal kaya I kept all those receipts and made note on all our expenses. After the many days of touring the beautiful island of the Philippines, his airplane was already out of gas.

Exactly how much fuel does it take to fly a chartered airplane? It needs about 100,000 to 500,000 pounds of fuel but I can only afford sixty thousand pounds, which is equal to 9000 gallons of octane fuel, again, slashed from my 5th credit card!!!

And then one morning, I woke up not seeing his presence anymore. He left Manila without saying goodbye to me at all. He stole my MacBook Air, my stilletos, my Dior shades, my wallet and my 34.000P earned from paid blogging!!!

Pay back dude! Pay me or else!

He sent me this email one day:


I’m sorry I had to leave you that soon. You were still asleep, and I didn’t want to bother you. Anyway, I suffered from gastroenteritis and appendicitis caused by the food infected with bacteria and parasites you had me eat like balut, isaw and betamax. Apparently, they caused reaction to my diet and medication. I was confined for days in the hospital! I had to undergo surgery. You pay my hospital bills! Love, Tim

I almost believed it. I called the embassy in the UK and searched for you. I searched and stalked your friends on myspace, multiply and friendster…. I even called the real estate company you’re working for and guess what? They were all saying the same thing – you need money and all for the laparoscopic surgery and medication you need! That hospital and the real estates both played major roles in this scam ever ever!!! You scammer! I don’t freaking care about your condition. Send me proofs/evidences at least. He’s called up yesterday and he’s again trying to scam me. You think I was that same stupid person who’s still in love with you? DEAD WRONG!

He was never confined. He was attempting to slash $$$ from me again. Tim along with the doctors and nurses in that UK Hospital is trying to scam me. You scammed me with so much already…how do I get the money back??!!! Western Union? My life is now shattered. PAY BACK!!!!

People, beware of this person. He can ruin your life. Be careful guys with the people you meet on the internet. They too will scam you, your credit cards and your savings!!!!


That’s an attempt to alter the hoax scam stories accusing the Filipinos and the Philippines in general as scammers!!! Let’s all fight this ‘someone’ who is shaming you and me and the entire brown race!

Ladies and gentlemen and in betweens, don’t be fooled, Tierra maria estates scam, Tierra Maria UK scam and hospitals scam philippines are all hoax stories.

Please read these articles: Was there a scam – Part 2 and Was there a scam – The Motive for more information.

Join me and all other bloggers in ousting this guy’s efforts to bring the Filipinos down! Ibagsak ang mga mapanupil na dayuhan sa blogosphere!!!! Simply write a funny scam and/or a hoax story and use the following keywords as your anchor text:

  • tierra maria estates scam
  • Tierra Maria UK scam
  • hospitals scam philippines

and also I suggest that your title should be “Hospital Scam Hoax” or “Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax. Your reward? Well, wala! LOL. It’s social climbing for a great cause!

The Scammers List:
1.) Tierra Maria UK Scam Hoax by Reyna Elena
2.) Ang Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam na Hospitals Scam Din sa Philippines by Kengkay
3.) Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax-Apology Letter by Now What Cat
4.) Tierra Maria Estates Hospital Scam is HOAX by Nina
5.) Tierra Maria Estates UK Hoax and Scam by Kwentong Kengkay

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The worst day ever!!!

January 9, 2008. Well, I wasn’t kidnapped, holdapped, murdered *heller, nag b-blog nga eh*, hi-jacked, raped, but this day certainly qualified for the worst day of my life!

Last night, while dragging myself to the office, I witnessed a karumal dumal scene in Cubao. A man was hit by a bus, lying unconcious and covered with blood. Grabeh and the people were just splattered around doing nothing…alam mo yung nakiki-usyoso lang. I swear…for a while, nag-hysterical yata ako and I was shouting dun sa mga bystanders (nasa ordinary bus ako)…deadmaru ang mga gunggong…I was telling them to call the police and ambulance. Yung bus na sinakyan ko kase stopped in the middle to make usyuso din. I was shocked and shaking. He looked like 35-45 yo, both hands were palang napilipit and his face was like turned slightly over 180 degrees but he’s breathing. I could see that he’s breathing and these people, my God!! They’re just watching ‘kala mo may shooting!!! Hay! I could have called the police or ambulance kaso mo wala pala akong load.

The next morning, probably around 9 AM, same place in Cubao, while on my way home naman, I witnessed again another karumal-dumal scene. I strongly believe that MMDAs, drivers and conductors should go through an extensive ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. Nag pa load lang yung driver and this MMDA guy galit na galit dahil nag ca-cause daw ng traffic. Ang iinit ng ulo akala mo may mga PMS. The MMDA wanted to get the driver’s license, eh the driver refused kaya they ended up cursing and shouting at each other for like 10 mins! Nung mag GO yung traffic light, GO din ang driver iniwan sa ere ang MMDA. Few seconds pa lang ang tinatakbo namin ng biglang…eeeeekkkkk…blag…nauntog ako! Nagka-bukol! <– hinde yan ang highlights, ETO –> Oh no??? We just hit 2 people riding a honda motor bike!!! This happened along Edsa and Aurora Blvd crossing. The boy and the motorbike was (almost) under the bus while the older man, he was thrown few meters away from the point of accident. There was soo much blood all over!! Oh my God again and again and again! I could see the boy breathing while his father or kuya was lying there lifeless. Same scenario. I could have stayed there but this mama shooed me away eh they were just scattered sa gitna ng EDSA and everybody was acting USISERO esp the MMDA, causing major major traffic in all corners! I could have offered First Aid, CPR or mouth to mouth resuscitation *as if, applicable* Hindi ko alam kung sisisihin ko ba yung LOAD, yung MMDA, yung DRIVER, yung KUNDOKTOR or YUNG nag mo-motor.


It really scared the hell out of me.

The pictures of those guys nearly dying were playing on my mind the whole time, parang slide show. It’s just too much to bear. What if it happened to me or to my loved ones or to you? I wanna die gracefully and peacefully, Lord. I really pray na those guys are ok.

I could not relax enough when I got home. I decided to change my template na lang and nag dunung-dunungan. I tried to do some tweakings *which caused me severe headache* but I screwed up. So I got this site down for hours yesterday. *Hanep mag-relax, hahaha* I tried my best to fix it, believe me, but after several hours of nosebleeding and internal bleeding, I gave up. I surrendered everything to my host. They fixed naman the problem in 3 hours. So I was like feeling shunga, I swear I’m not gonna do anything with FTP, mySQL etc especially when I’m nearly having a nervous breakdown. Hahaha

All these happened in less than 24 hours.

It’s just the worst day ever. I really felt jinxed. And the only reason I can think of why I had such a bad bad day yesterday is because someone freakin’ USER out there celebrated his birthday!

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