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Malen Ada

My Bead Life – just a hobby – beading, wire jewelry and DIY

My Daily Sunshines –  daily blabbings about anything (my first blog ever)

My Pacham Diaries – food blog and experiments

My Bucket List – bucket list and what not

My Slides and Shots – photo blog fail haha


  1. UY! hello mga friends… Supprise?!!!! Im just wondering around blogging then, i stumble upon some long lost friends… Siang malaking

    I’m Starting to blog, and to find you guys doing it for a long time, now its my time to ask you some favors!!! di na to electronics, kaya need ko yung powers nyo!!!


    really miss you HAWK!

    updates po. Dito ko ngyun jeddah… Sobra init kaya tambay dito sa Villa, maghapon internet…

    dami pa kwento. Mag comment din sana ko sa blog ni ruthy kaya lang di ko alam kung saan… hehehe

    ingats po…

    Makataong blas…


    kmusta! mimi is a blogger too! hehe. saw your PM sa FB. go lang sige fire yur questions, i’ll answer to the best of my knowledge. if it’s about paid blogging – you may wanna read this http://mynosebleed.com/2008/08/04/chuvaness-letter-3-blogging-can-save-the-philippines/

    wowo nasa jeddah ka? take care friend. PM me if you have questions. GREENWICH. GREENWICH. ragrds to your wife! and to joy na din hahahha

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