Busy, broken but happy nonetheless

I am so baaack!!! joke lang

Just a quick update on what’s going on in my life lately  – super busy, a bit broken but very happy nonetheless. Thank you, this is the kind of busyness that I do not resent – from meeting to meeting, task to task…at the end of the day, I am still always grateful.

UPDATES, bullet type, just because.

    • Moving out and returning to my hometown is happening very soon!
    • Bargain alert! Decluttering my closet for the first time ever! Watch out for super sale items – clothes (walang ititira, pati underwear HAHAHHAHA) shoes, bags and everything else that has value. All items will be posted in my FACEBOOK PAGE.
    • Seriously considering INTERMITTENT FASTING. My weight has magically remained the same for the last 6 years, regardless of any diet plans.
    • BIRTHDAY MONTH. Lord you know the only other thing that I wish on my birthday – aside from good health for my loved ones and myself – alam mo na yun.
    • Kung kelan naman ako nag-mature (wow haha), saka naman ako nagkaka-PIMPLES. They used to be on my left cheek only, ngayon nag-migrate na sa iba’t-ibang parte ng mukha ko. WHAYYYYYY.
    • Antok na ko.

If it doesn’t make you happy, healthy and wealthy, let go of what does not serve you.

Ok, thanks. I need to meditate on this day/night for the next 21 days so I can get used to it. Ciao!



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