It All Makes Sense Now

Now I know why I’m here long before anyone has told me to go through this path. Took me a long time to realize. But hey, it’s not too late yet. I am ready to embrace your plans for me, God. Let’s do this!

I used to say a lot that I WANT TO GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and it did happen. May power talaga ang words…so I am now being very careful with every words that I say.

Traffic in Metro Manila is unbelievable! My everyday calvary. Grabe! Let’s decongest Metro Manila and start building office hubs in Bulacan, Batangas and Laguna, kahit as far as Bataan pa. Subic is nice!

Very happy that Duterte won! I wrote about him in 2009 when we went to Davao.  He really exudes power and authority.

There’s many things going on in my head right lately…one thing I am sure is that I AM HAPPIER NOW. I lack a lot of things, but then I lack nothing. Ang saya to be able to finally say this: IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Para akong naka-buo ng 100,000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle na abstract!




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