Fika Manila, Cozy Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City

Why hasn’t anyone told me about Capitol Greenstreet? Seriously. It’s such a fineee place for late afternoon coffee, very quiet while you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset, array of fire trees and beautiful landscape. The place is not well marketed and I like it that way! I lived and worked in Quezon City but never heard of Capitol Greenstreet until 2-3 weeks ago when I had the chance to eat at Fika Manila.

nullThis adobo is unexpectedly good. Ohmaaay! The best sauce in the world! I need its recipe! Hindi kami maka-get over!

Fika Manila Best Seller AdoboYummy barbecue! Akala ko sawa na ko sa barbecue, hindi pa pala. Huge serving! Not a fan of their sauce though.

Fika Manila Chopsuey Chopsuey! Sakto lang. I like that the veggies are crunchy.

Matcha smoothie with heavy whipped cream!

They also have cakes, brownies, cupcakes and coffee.

More than the food, what I really love most about this cafe is its quietness, coziness and relaxing ambiance. They play the most relaxing Filipino instrumental music ever! Good food + good music + overlooking view = awesome experience!

Fikå Manila
Ground Floor, Capitol Green Street
Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City Philippines
Phone: 355 – 3132 / 514 – 2480


Delivered by Madam Auring

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