I Am Php10,600 Poorer Than I was Yesterday

I was really hesitant to go on a trip to Bora because of many many reasons. For one, I think it’s overrated. Second, not budget-friendly eh. Third, I’d rather sleep. Fourth, eversince that dreadful day in Pug-os beach (Cabugao Ilocos), where I almost drown myself to death, I haven’t really enjoyed going to the beach anymore. Fifth, I am very busy. Sixth, budget talaga. Ninth, budget pa din. Tenth, budgeeet! It’s one very expensive island! Well honestly, kahit saan ka naman mag-travel, it’s gonna cost you a lot money. Even my everyday travel to work is expensive — Php254 (that’s 5,334/month). Ughhh!

Anyway, I’m half glad, half sad that I said yes to Boracay. It was a fun experience and if I can, I’m definitely going back. Kaso lang when I look back and review my expenses…whaaaahhhh I WISH I STAYED AT HOME TO WATCH/SLEEP/EAT INSTEAD. Haaaay now I am Php10,600 poorer than I was yesterday!!!


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2 Responses to I Am Php10,600 Poorer Than I was Yesterday

  1. Chuva says:

    Don’t worry ditse. As they say, “Travel while you are young and able. Don’t worry about the money. Just make it work. Experience has a lot more to teach you than money ever will.”

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