My Dream Car

It’s very easy to get a car loan these days. You just need roughly around Php 60,000 for initial downpayment and it’s all set. It even includes insurance coverage already. Monthly installment will be anywhere between Php 11,000 – 20,000, depends on the car model of course. No wonder traffic around the Metro gets worst everyday as more and more people afford to buy new cars. Can’t blame them. For most people, driving their own car is still the most convenient and quickest way to travel.

I’d like to have my own car too! I have a large family so my dream car is a midsized SUV or a Minivan that can carry 7-8 people (Toyota or Honda). It should be white in color with¬†sweet rear lights, has a compartment that’s large enough to accommodate bags and other things, it should be fuel efficient,¬†should have the necessary safety equipment, heavy duty and lastly, I should be able to afford its price.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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