July 2014 Commitment

We’re already halfway through 2014! Instead of WISHING AND HOPING, I want to set GOALS AND PLANS this time. And I want to stay committed to my goals– health wellness and financial independence.

So this July, I commit to:

- create a blogpost here at least 3x a week
- 1 blogpost for all my other blogs every week (malenggay.info, mydailysunshines.blogspot.com, pachamrecipes.blogspot.com)
- walk/run at least 2x a week
- eat veggies 6 days a week (1 day is reserved for chicken/meat)
- use the JUICER once a week! Sayang naman.
- post 10 ads everyday
- manage my finances better (no unnecessary purchases– clothes, shoes etc.)
- set aside money to pay our payables
- to save and invest
- start earning money again thru PU2B, PTCs etc.  PTCs etc.
- stop drinking Coke
- eat less rice
- take vitamin C, E and Iron daily
- apply Pond’s day and night cream everyday/night
- drink 8++ glasses of water everyday
- cut my grocery budget to half
- take the IC exam and pass it. Finish the 10-day e-learning.
- close at least 1 sale for July
- stop buying (and eating) chichiryas and pancit canton haha
- start earning money thru diff business ventures (RE, SF, Ag, BL)
- get enough sleep everyday and start each day early
- to do 30 sit ups everyday
- expand my network / become more sociable
- keep trying, experimenting, learning until I succeed

I will add more when I remember them later today.

Let’s do this!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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