Simple Things That Make Me Smile

Yesterday I received a nice little gift from my officemate’s son N – a wallet size picture complete with dedication! He’s only 4, btw. Sooo cute hahaha. N is such a fine little boy, very talented and smart too. He knows how to play the drums already. Tita is sorry for pretending to be Anne Curtis to you (I told him I was Anne whenever we talk on the phone and he was really convinced about it). Pls. know that it is your mom who encouraged me to do that hahaha. Thank you Mommey K, I will treasure the picture Thank you also for being a friend to me all these years.

To N, I hope you grow up as a nice young man one day. When Tita Malensky become rich (as in super rich that I walk on money) I shall give you the best yamaha drums set in the world! But for now, a bigger firetruck will do, right? Be safe, you guys!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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