Preparing for my first trip to Baguio….this year!

Soo excited for my first trip to Baguio….this year! Thank you Japox for paying for our accommodation. We’re all very excited!

I’ve been to Baguio twice, year 2000 with the whole ECE graduating class, and 2008 with fellow bloggers Reyna Elena and Pinoyambisyoso. Both very memorable to me so I hope this year’s also a good one. I am just happy I could visit the place again because I didn’t have the chance to travel that much last year (except for our Team Building in Laiya and Puerto Galera and a few trips to my barrio) due to busy schedules (and poverty lols).

Visit 168 Divisoria for all your party needs. Very very cheap price there. That HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles is only 30P, you can buy the same thing in Goldilocks for 150P.

Since Japox paid for our accommodation, we decided to make a surprise party tomorrow night to celebrate 2 things – his bday and promotion! Congratulations on being promoted as the new MARKOVA for Asia Pacific! Do you have your business cards already? If you haven’t, I know a place where you can get quality custom business cards printing services for your personal cards. Let me know if you need help, ok. Congrats again! Well deserved! I come!


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