On Guitar Playing, Search for an Old Song, Ibanez Artcore and Musical Frustrations

Influenced by my father and siblings, who all play the guitar well, I started to learn playing the guitar too back when I was younger. During my free time, I would play non-stop even when I’m out-of-tune. I’d play until I hurt my finger tips and developed calluses. I’d play until I memorized just 1 song that I really really like – my younger brother, who very much like to have an Ibanez Artcore, taught me that old love song which I honestly have never heard the original version until now. I’ve been searching but found no MP3 available for download, can’t find it in youtube either. The song’s called “Giliw” (Sweetheart). Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten its chords and beautiful lyrics so I can’t play it anymore. 🙂

In short, because I am talentless like that, I didn’t develop any passion for playing the guitar and I stopped eventually. Haaay. Guess I’m not just really a musically inclined person. Had I inherited my father’s singing voice and his talent in playing the guitar, I probably am a member of Marry Me Amy by now!  🙂


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