I Hear Gangnam Style Wherever I Go

Everyone’s dancing the Gangnam Style wherever I go.

When I went home to my barrio a week ago, the kids were all happily dancing to it, even my father danced to it one time and it was funny! The executives from our company porodied the GS MV last Tuesday at our year-end party and it was beyond hilarious. In one of our Team Building activities, one of the missions is to dance Gangnam Style in public.

The Gangnam Style Dance aka the “horse-riding dance” which shows riding an invisible horse on an english saddle has become unbelievably viral (almost reaching 1B hits in youtube), anyone unfamiliar with it must have been living in a cave.

But what is so special about the Gangnam Style? I must say the beat is really addictive, even when I don’t understand the words, my instincts tell me to bob my head whenever I hear it. The dance is kinda silly and fun to do, and its MV is just pure pure win!

I find it amazing to see how a non-English song has become widely popular, even topping the Billboards and iTunes. As a fellow Asian, I think Psy did a great job!


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