Christmas Shopping in Divisoria

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I have been harboring this love and hate relationship with Divisoria for a long long time now. Many times I’ve said to myself not to visit the place again but I just keep coming back to it!

Even when I hate its smell, dirty roads, pickpockets and its traffic, I always find myself visiting Divi at least once a year. Last Monday, I went there to meet my brother’s colleague, but I couldn’t resist it, I ended up shopping for Christmas gifts. It’s impossible to ignore the temptation when everything you see is at bargain rate.

Cute doll shoes worth 200P (my first pair!)
3 Dresses for myself = 1000. A little pricey but I could get each of those dress for 1000P in malls yah know.
Toys toys toys and a lot of toys to be given away to the kids in my barrio = 495P only!
4 bags for only 550P. Yes, 4!
3 lovely earrings for 100P
Various pieces of locks for 300P

All for 2645P only!

I’m quite satisfied with my purchases. The dresses are really really pretty.  Sulit ang pagod. Divi is sooo huge, you can get lost if you don’t know where to go. Here’s a when planning to go there

Divisoria Mall – This place is perfect for Christmas shopping. Lots of toys, giveaways, gift items, party materials – loot bags etc. You’ll find here the same toys you see in SM malls in a lot cheaper prices. More than half the price actually.

Each Credit Card Guard Wallet costs 250P online, in Divi mall, wholesale price (at least 6) costs only 35P each! LED xmas lights costs 250P/10m in metrodeal. You can get them cheaper in Divi Mall.

168 Mall – Go here when shopping for clothes, shoes, wallets and bags! 2 pairs of doll shoes for 380P only!

999 Mall – Pretty much the same with what’s inside 168, except that 999 is bigger, and cleaner.

Tutuban Cluster Bldg – Various textiles, curtains, bridal gowns, entourage gowns etc. Too bad, nasunog tong bldg na to earlier this year.

If you’re looking for wedding gowns, entourage gowns, ninang gowns, all sorts of gowns, patahian/modista in Divisoria, go to the old Ylaya Bldg. Cheaper there than the ones inside Tutuban Cluster Bldg

Tabora St. – beads, ribbons, laces, wedding souvenirs, sewing accessories, masks, feathers, native products, hard-to-find kitchen items. Various beads stores (I still prefer Quiapo when shopping for beads) – Wellmanson is also  located here.

Tips when visiting Divi:

– Pls wear a comfortable footwear. Slippers are highly recommended.
– Wear comfortable, light and cotton clothes.
– Bring a reusable big bag, just like a sako bag! Trust me you’ll need it!
– Bring a small sling bag or belly bag to keep your cellphone and money safe from pickpockets
– Bring a fan and face towel
– Shop early, and preferably on weekdays!
– Common sense, if you want your ears to be intact, do not wear earrings in Divi! It’s dangerous! Better yet, do not wear any “alahas” when shopping in Divi. It doesn’t make sense diba. You don’t need to impress anyone there.
– Use your cellphone when inside the malls only

Infairness, Divi’s traffic is much tolerable now. Less clutter in the hi-way, more space now unlike before, except lang when shopping at night.

If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, it’s not too late, go to Divi and have fun shopping!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. I agree with the tips. though Divi is a haven for “tagtipid” ladies like us, it is also a haven for the not-so-good guys. Galing din kami jan around November and we got us our very own Christmas tree (5ft, for 500 petot) 🙂

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