how to fine tune a piano?

Piano needs tuning at least twice a year.

I bet some of you didn’t know that. Well I personally didn’t know about that until a few hours ago when I chanced upon a YouTube tutorial vid on how to tune pianos. I never realized pianos go out of tune as well, just like guitars. It is because the strings inside the pianos have very high tension on them, and they stretch as time goes by, so if you want your piano to last from generation to generation, you need to tune it regularly.

Now the question is, how to do it?

The level of difficulty is way waaay beyond my abilities! A single piano alone have 250 strings inside it (that explains why it’s huge and heavy), imagine yourself  fine-tuning each of those strings together…that’s a lot of work to do! You need loads of patience and talent to do that. I myself can’t even fine-tune a 6-string guitar. I have been trying to learn it for years, unfortunately, I’ve never been successful even once. My father and siblings can do it in a matter of minutes. I’m beginning to think that I maybe a tone deaf.

If you want to learn to do it yourself, there are loads of tutorial vids uploaded in youtube. You just need to buy the tools to help you adjust the strings, but piano being a very delicate instrument, I would strongly recommend to seek the help of a qualified, friendly and reliable piano tuner like Piano Tuning Houston to ensure good service.


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