Catch Kings of Restoration on History Channel

credit: History channel

I likeee this show soo much! I don’t often watch TV nowadays but I make sure you I catch up on this show whenever it’s on History channel. Rick Dale and his crew are all amazing! What they do is basically restore/rebuild rusty old junks to its original beauty. Whether it’s an old jukebox to bump cars to old gas pumps…they can restore it!

I told you long before, I’m an old skool, so shows like this really catch my attention. My favorite episode was when they restored a Wurlitzer Jukebox. The guy who owned it was really delighted to see his jukebox playing music again. I also like that episode when they restored an old compact tractor. I can imagine how hard it was to put each parts – engine, pillow block, steering wheel – together and make it work again. They make you really surprise when you see the end result. That old and rusty and non-functioning tractor turned into a cute mini car and it runs strong!

Be sure to catch them every Saturday on History channel!


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