Day 4 – Sunday

Woke up early, ate my favorite pandesal for breakfast, wore a white top and comfortable slippers and went outside to explore! Went to Ali Mall to have my pictures taken again (for remembrance haha). I’m not really a make up person but this day, I put some BB cream, powder, blush on and eye shadow on my fezz just because I want to feel prettyful lolsssss once in a while. Window shopping, went to Dermcare to buy some stuff, then Grow Nails to have footspa, buy a file organizer from National Bookstore, went to the office (OFFICE??? YES!) to 5S my locker then CCF in Ortigas to attend their 6:30PM Sunday service! I was soooo close to going to Ongpin instead and look for Dong Bei Restaurant, fortunately, I decided I better go to church na lang!

Thank you God for your words. I am sooo busy trying to manage my life that I’ve forgotten to pause and listen to You and Your plans in my life.

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I am fine. Thank you!
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2 Responses to Day 4 – Sunday

  1. aimz says:

    maleeeen!!! galing galing nama-maintain pa rin ang blog!
    nacu-curious ako sa 5S :D mishuuuu!

    • malensky says:

      ITTTTTTT!!! soreeee for replying lateeee hehe

      sayang ang barya-baryang kita sa Pepe and Pilar in Pasig eh!

      pls blog often lalo na yun adventures nyo ni haaaaaaaammmm!

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