Visit to My Alma Mater

Yesterday’s visit to my alma mater brought back a lot of memories, both happy and sad. So many things have changed. The South wing part improved so much. W116 looks the same when I visited some 10 years ago. Lagoon has changed sooo much! They put a wall around the lagoon area (similar to Walled City of Intramuros) and it doesn’t look relaxing anymore. I don’t wanna say this but it turned out very ugly and dirty. I don’t like it! The trees look like they’re dying, and no more green green grass. It wasn’t like that during our time. There’s also a replica of Rizal’s house in the middle, if my memory is right, that used to be Popeye’s canteen. Rooms are still tiny and rusty. The whole building looks the same except for a tiny renovation in the balcony design. My school is already 108th years old and it needs major major renovation! Being a State University, it lacks facilities and funds but I hope someone in the government can help in improving the lives of the students/teachers and staff there. Can someone please sponsor sieve shaker, aggregates, building materials, paint etc. and renovate my alma mater? I also dropped by at UST yesterday and it has gotten a lot better. Sooo huge and clean…I want to study there in my next life 🙂

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