Breakfast for the perfect morning – Pandesal and Omelette with banana ketchup 🙂

I loveeee this morning! Very very nice weather today! It rained earlier but now, the sun is up and I can hear some birds chirping just outside my window! Thank you Lord for this lovely day! Woke up at 5AM, read a few notes, cooked breakfast and now, internetting! I’m also streaming this Hossana Music album – He Will Save You! I’ve been looking for this album for ages! Sooo glad I found it thank you youtube! I love listening to its songs in the morning. Wish I had marvelous studio monitors while listening to them….they’re very uplifting and makes you feel blessed all the time. Reminds me soooo much of my younger years in the barrio, every morning when father wakes up, he plays this album to wake us all up, including our neighbors.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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