Day 2 – Tiring trip to Manila

Yesterday was very tiring. Weather was sooo hot and sticky but I was out traversing the roads of Manila. Started my day early and went straight ahead to my alma mater in Sta.Mesa to get TOR. There I unexpectedly met someone very important! It was really really surprising! Waaaah that’s some 10 years that I’ll never get back. Then I had my long overdue dental checkup in Espana. My eyes feasted on those fascinating old ┬áhouses around Espana, they’re soooo beautiful to look at. I hope they get preserved or restored. Lastly, went to Quiapo to buy beads again, leather wallets for men, umbrella (I lost the one I had while in school yesterday), some fruits and brocolli. Tiring but I feel I accomplished a lot of things yesterday so I’m happy. Haven’t felt like that for many many years now.

Today’s agenda is…beading and wire jewelry making! Let’s do this!

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