Clara C – I Won’t Give Up By Jason Mraz

I like this cover so much. The editing, the colors and the simplicity plus the audio quality, looks very pro. How can they make nice video and covers like that? They must be using top of the line video and audio equips and vocal harmonizers from tc helicon at Guitar Center. ┬áThis is MTV quality right here! Her voice, oh my! She’s so talented!!! She can sing, play the guitar and piano. She also plays the trumpet and flute! Woooow, I can’t even master D-A-G-A guitar chords haha. And the only piano piece I know is HPBD lols! I wanna be ClaraC when I grow up!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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2 Responses to Clara C – I Won’t Give Up By Jason Mraz

  1. Joen ^-^ says:

    I agree! Clara C is very good. :)

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