5S Your Apartment

I’ve been learning about 5S concepts these past days and never knew I could apply it in my apartment, not just in the workplace. Yesterday, I tried to 5S my room but I ended up just cleaning it for hours. I never realized I already have lots of stuff I need to sort, but I’ve no place to keep them, I can’t throw them away either, so I’ll continue doing this 5s project next weekend, I have to get big boxes first.

I guess it’s better if I could 5S my entire apartment, right? I seriously need to throw those old stuff that I don’t need and those things that serves nothing other than clutter in my living room, bathroom and kitchen. I also want to rearrange the furniture, install mini water walls or tabletop fountain for goodluck in my room, re-upholster the couch, install curtain rods etc. Arghhh, it’s going to take a lotttt of time, I need a 3-day leave to do all that!!!

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