Defragging My Sony Vaio FW Series

I absolutely love my 16.4 inches Sony VAIO laptop! It’s perfect for the kind of lifestyle I have. I specially like the huge screen display it offers, perfect when watching movies! It’s still functioning well, although its performance has become a little bit slow compared to when I first had it 4 years ago. I have loads of programs, videos and pictures and some office files and I have never done any kind of disk maintenance/defrag on it, ever! If I have time this weekend, I’ll do it to speed up my computer. It’s not an easy task, ok. Defragging usually takes hours to finish, so given there are tons of files inside, it could take me maybe 10hrs or more. Wish me luck!


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  1. Db to the wa says:

    Paid opps ka pa din? Musta na???

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