What To Do When Bored

My bestfriend and I are both crazy watching Korean variety shows online. Some of the shows we enjoy are Running Man and We Got Married. I tell you, they’re really really funny. Crazy and funny! Running Man is an action variety where the casts compete each other in completing various missions to win the race. This is like Amazing Race but a lot lottt funnier! You don’t even need subtitle to understand the whole thing because you’ll laugh at their antics. It’s so addicting, they have the craziest and very creative games I’ve seen my whole life (some games we used in our team building activity were rip-offs from this show). While RM is action packed, WGM on the other hand is lighthearted and feel good show but equally funny. They pair up celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each couple lives in a house to act like real married couple. My favorite couple in this show is Kwanghee and Sunha. There was an episode when Kwanghee took off his shoes, revealing the height in-soles that he was wearing. That was really funny because his Spenco insoles are like 3inches high and he was really embarrass when his virtual wife took it out from his shoes to reveal to everyone. It turned out, he isn’t that tall of a person afterall.

The heck with language barriers! If you guys are bored and want to be entertained, check out kshownow for the latest episodes, just a warning though, they’re addicting so make sure to watch them on your rest days.


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