When is ithe best time to get a life insurance?

If you’re asking when is the best time to get a life insurance, my answer really depends on the situation.

If you’re young but already capable of paying the premium, go for it! It never hurts to plan ahead, besides it’s also cheaper to buy early. Also, starting early gives you more time to leverage the power of compounding, which is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to secure our financial future.

Don’t wait too long and become too old and more prone to sickness before deciding to get an insurance for yourself. Remember, there are companies that require medical exams for all policies to check your health condition. If you have illnesses, you’d probably be turned down for coverage and would have to look for a high-risk carrier or one that offers no med exam term life ins online.

If you’re still young but don’t have enough cash to pay your premium, my advise is to eat well and live an active lifestyle, work hard and by the time you are able to receive higher paychecks, start planning about your future.

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