5S Your Closet

1. Take everything out! All of it!!!!

2. Quickly sort into 3 piles – KEEP, MAYBE, DONATE.

· KEEP – this is for stuff you really really love and actually use.

· MAYBE – this is for the stuff you have trouble getting rid of for some reasons. The stuff that you think you might use in the future.

· DONATE – this is for the stuff you haven’t used for more than a year. The clothes that won’t fit anymore. The extra stuff cluttering your closet.

3. Clean out the closet nicely. Put the KEEP pile back in the closet. Put it back neatly and organized.

4. Deal immediately with the other piles.

· Put the MAYBE pile into boxes and store them somewhere in your closet. Label each box using a dymo color label printer – one for summer clothes, winter clothes, scarf/shawl/accessories etc.


Pack the DONATE pile nicely (please don’t use plastic bags, instead use a blanket, towel or old t-shirt to tie up) and bring them to charity drop offs!!! A lot of people need them more than you do.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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