5S Your Office Desk

We’re trying to introduce the 5S project in the office to get things cleaned up and organized and hopefully, help us become more productive. We’re starting off with cleaning our office desks/tables.

The first step is SORTING. From here, eliminate extra things that are not work-related and unnecessary on and under the desk, like:

Extra mug, water bottles
Extra mirror
Extra pillows
Extra desk name plates
Extra pictures, at most 2 pictures are allowed
Extra decorations (2 are allowed)
Multiple jackets, blankets, comforters etc.
Various cellphone holders
Extra plants
Lotion, alcogel, powder etc.
Extra flowers
Extra slippers
Extra boxes
Extra stickers
Extra picture frames
Extra calendars
Extra Toys
Extra notebooks / magazines

It wasn’t too hard for me which one to eliminate since I only have the essentials on my desk, not too many clutter – just a tiny indoor plant, desktop PC, laptop, phone, mug, water bottle and corkboard. My dilemma now is how to 5S my pedestal locker! I have tons of things inside it and can’t decide if I should throw them away or not.

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