Becoming Lola at 30+

How old were you when you became a lola?

I’m 30+ and I have 2 grand kids already, both boys, from my cousin’s daughter, Lindy. Howww the hell??! I don’t even have kids of my own yet and now someone’s calling me Lola hahaha. Sooo unfair! I suddenly feel so sooo old. I’m quite young to be called a lola, but it’s ok, awkward but ok, not blaming my niece Lindy for getting married early (she was only 18).

Do you have grand kids too? I’m already doing my Christmas shopping as early as now. What do you think is the perfect gifts for your grandson? Train toys? Clothes? Shoes? Or maybe books? I’m not planning something extravagant for them since I have plenty of young nieces and nephews too, plus 10+ godchildren.

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