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Oh noooo! I’ve lost tons of pictures, videos and files from 2005 to 2009 stored on our desktop PC! What to dooooo!? I wasn’t expecting that desktop will die any sooner than I imagined. It was working well a few months ago but now it wont turn on anymore and I don’t have any backup of my files! Those are pictures and videos of my kid sister Inday when she was 4-5 years old, family reunions, vacations and company events. Aissht, memories lost forever! Lessons learned, ok! So you guys, before something bad like this happens to you, do your backup regularly! I have a 500G external HD from my brother but it’s loaded with movies already, I’m thinking of buying another but my budget wont permit me as of now. Solution is to get a free online backup service! Check, they provide a backup for all your files, important documents and photos and store them on the internet so you can access them anywhere at any time, so whether you’re in the office or school, you don’t need to worry if you left your important files at home! How convenient! This also saves you from bringing the laptop, USB or external hard drive. Yes, it’s similar to cloud service except that is free with unlimited storage!

If you worry about security, well, the good news is that MyPCBackup takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with the same security as banks use. You can also sync files between multiple computers automatically.

I signed up so I don’t have to panic again if in case my laptop dies on me.


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