Carbonara with Brocolli Recipe

Yeay, brand new pacham in the house!!! To celebrate my brother’s despedida parteeey, I decided to experiment on Carbonara again. My previous carbonara recipes aren’t the best in the whole world, ok, that’s why I keep on cooking/experimenting it until I find the perfect one that will blown me away.

Quite honestly, I don’t really know how to cook that well. So last week I tried using a ready mix so I don’t have to worry about the timpla.


3 packs McCormick Carbonara Sauce Mix
1 big tetra pack of Nestle Low Fat Milk
1 250ml Nestle cream
7 strips of bacon (deep fried and cut into tiny bits)
Steamed Brocolli
Parmesan cheese
500gm San Remo Fettuccine
Secret weapon: Magic Sarap!

Here’s how:

Cook pasta according to package instruction.
Heat milk in a pan, then add McCormick Carbonara Sauce Mix, cook until the powder is dissolved.
Add nextle cream, pepper and bacon bits (if the taste is bland,add MAGIC SARAP!)
Add cooked pasta in the mixture, then add steamed broccoli
Top with Parmesan cheese.
Serve hot or cold.


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