Bucket List: Learning a Piano Piece

Learning one piano piece is one of the many things on my bucket list and I’ve wanted to do that for as long as I can remember but…I lack the talent! My cousins had a Casio digital piano when we younger and I tried learning how to play it but unfortunately, I’m not at all musically inclined. I couldn’t master to read piano notes. I had to mark each key with masking tape and its corresponding letter/note so I could remeber them. Soooo hard. I only learned Happy Birthday, Old McDonald had a farm and Twinkle Twinkle lols. I guess when God poured talents, I was sleeping.

What to do? I so wanna be like Yiruma when I grow up! He’s one of my favorite musicians ever. He’s soo soo good. His compositons are heavy in emotions, with simple melody that’s very attractive to many listeners. Here are some of my favorites:

Kiss the Rain (Listening to this all morning, perfect for the weather these days. It’s been raining nonstop lately and this piece makes everything else more….depressing!)

River Flows In You


Love Me (This piece makes me wanna forget all my regrets in the past…and just continue being hopeful, charrrrr!)

Hope I can master at least 1 Yiruma piece before I get too old and incapable. Guess I should start with buying a piano first or a keyboard, but I’m more leaning towards a Steinway piano. Ambitious, right? I know it’s expensive but it’s highly durable and doesn’t require electricity so it saves money. I want a Steinway because I want something that can withstand years of use so I can pass it to my children and grandchildren. BTW, research says that children who took piano lessons early in life scored higher than their peers on tests of general and spatial cognitive development. They also learn a lot more about discipline and dedication. More reasons why I should get a piano! If you also wanna buy yourself and your family the finest and most beautiful pianos available today, check out Steinway & Sons showrooms, the leading Piano Dealer Los Angeles, they offer quite a selection of piano instruments – new pianos, used pianos, rebuilt pianos, they also have piano rentals, and even piano lesson recommendations too. Guaranteed that they only provide handcrafted and authorized Steinway pianos made by the finest craftsmen.


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