Why LED Lights?

I’ve had my first encounter with LEDs when I was in college. Our professor in one of our Electronics subjects asked us to make a project out of LEDs. Our team made a custom LED lighting that dances in sequence, which can be useful when making decorative Christmas lights. It was so cute!

I never realized LEDs can actually do more than that. They can now be used as an alternative to regular light bulbs and other light fixtures. It has evolved and can be used in indoor and outdoor too – you can find it inside homes, offices (even our office is also using LEDs because lights are needed 24/7), restaurants, traffic lights and even streetlights.

If you’re looking where to buy cheap LED lights locally, check out T. Alonzo St. in Binondo, they have a variety of LED lighting fixtures there. There are also plenty of electronics stores in Raon, Quiapo. Just a reminder though, Quiapo is not a very safe place visit so make sure you take extra precautions. The streets are very small in size, lots of people telling you to buy this and that, place can also be very hot and several pickpockets roaming around! So if you value safety and convenience, whynot consider ordering low cost LED lights online? I’m sure there are online stores that provide high-quality LEDs at affordable prices too with fast and secured shipping.

So what are the benefits of using LEDs, you ask?

  • Unlike florescent bulbs, they do not contain mercury and other toxic material, so LEDs help in protecting our environment
  • LEDs produce minimal heat so it never gets too hot when you touch them
  • It’s energy-efficient! (can save up to 85% percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs and up to 50% of electricity used by fluorescent bulbs)
  • LEDs do not flicker unlike regular light bulbs
  • Above all, LEDs can reduce maintenance costs since they last much longer than regular bulbs!

So if you want to save money, through reduced energy consumption, switch to using LED lights now!


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