Sungha Jung

Wow. He’s a grown up already, and he’s quite good looking too, he can totally pass as kpop idol! I remember seeing his videos way way back, he was still very young then, and I always get soo amazed watching him, sooo much talent he got on his tiny body. And he also knows how to play the ukelele!

Sungha Jung (???), born September 2, 1996, is a South Korean professional acoustic finger-style guitarist who has risen to fame on YouTube. He has won 15 awards on YouTube, including 6 “#1” awards. Sungha has over 500 videos with over fifty millions views and over eight hundred thousands subscribers.

His first guitar was a plywood guitar worth a little less than $60. After becoming quite popular in 2009, Lakewood guitar company started to sponsor Sungha with their custom-made guitars. They made a very special guitar for Sungha that fits him perfect, and it took them almost 4 month to complete. He uses that guitar in most of his video nowadays.

I wonder what his studio/music room looks like, how many guitars he own, gr-55, guitar picks and other guitar accessories. Probably a lot! His videos has over 50M youtube hits, I wonder how much he’s earning from his youtube covers?


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