Mini Christmas Party

This post has been loooooong overdue.

Because we don’t have enough budget to rent a place for a party, we decided to held our Department’s year end party in our pantry. It saves us a lot of cash, and saves time too since we don’t need to travel. It’s also guaranteed that everyone will be present.

First, we decorated the tables with balloons and we also placed various handcrafted xmas decors hanging on the ceiling.

For games, we had Pinoy Henyo!

Battle of the finest (questions are work related)

Balloon popping games. Trust me, this game is sooo fun and tiring. Japox was sooo funny, he emerged as the ultimate balloon popping king!

Lots of delicious food ordered online.

Exchange of gifts (pre-determined) worth 500P. What I received was…500 cash!

We also had a Name That Tune contest. Japox brought his DVD, kenwood speakers and microphones. Good thing there’s already a huge LED TV available in the pantry.  Everyone got gifts courtesy of our bosses. There was a raffle draw also – prizes include trip to Puerto Galera (it was actually a pair of beach sandals only), trip to Korea (Luck Me jjampong noodles), GC to Vicki Belo (eskinol), Dental GC (toothpaste) and a lot more! Had so much fun. Looking forward to another parteeey this year!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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