I need a bathtub in my life!

I’ve never wanted a bathtub until recently, when I started to get conscious about my health and lifestyle. Why I want it? Not only it serves as a perfect place for relaxation, you can also get various health benefits from it:

– soaking in warm water calms internal organs and endocrine system by stimulating nerves on the spinal cord
– warm bath relieves stress
– it alleviates sleeping problems
– it lowers blood pressure
– relaxes tense muscles, and supports and reduces stress on the joints
– bubble bath can improve the condition of your skin

I need a bathtub in my life, except that I need to get a much bigger bathroom first!

So which of these clawfoot tubs bathtubs is perfect for your lifestyle?

Perfect for the minimalist

For the young and bubbly college students

For matured older women

For the sensual and independent woman.

For the homemaker

For the artist

For mommies with 2 adorable kids

For the sophisticated Asian!


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