Applying 5S Concepts to Your Desktop

What does you desktop look like? Is it messy because it’s cluttered with files/folders/documents that are not in-use? Do you take time in searching and accessing the documents every time you want to open any document?

Here’s how you can apply 5S concepts to your desktop!

  • Sort the files/folders on your desktop as WANTED and UNWANTED.
  • Discard all the unwanted files/folders.
  • Arrange the WANTED files/folders according to the projects they belong to or according to the importance they should get.
  • Rename the folders accordingly.
  • Keep the folders which are accessed frequently on the desktop and others (not so important files) in other drive.
  • When you want to save a file think where should it go and save in that folder, NOT on your desktop.

Sounds simple, right? Sorting folders on desktop can actually take a lot of time, but just think about how much time you’ll save once you have organized everything.

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