SONA 2012 Reaction

First off, I am not a fan of Pnoy at all, well, G1BO was my president just because, but if anything, I appreciate PNoy’s hardwork and efforts, esp. his advocacy against corruption. Now because his SONA speech is tooo loooong, I’m only giving a few reactions on some parts which I deemed important.

“Roads are straight and level, and properly paved; this is now par for the course”

Ah, ok. In my barriosiete it’s different. Soooo different! We’re still deprived of a smooth and pretty hi-way. Ours is still a long winding talahib road! Please, give us a chance naman. It’s now time for Barriosietes to shine! Yung Santolan road going to Libis, laging may road improvement even when there’s nothing more to improve. Allow us to experience how it is to travel without banging our heads, Mr. President, Mr. Governor and Mr. Mayor! We have been waiting and suffering for too long.

FYI, our public transpo is only available in the morning! So if you want to go to the nearest bayan, you need to wait between 3:00AM – 12:00NN else, you will have to go the next day. Minimum fare is not 8.00P! The last time I checked it’s 30P!

We don’t have bridges connecting one barangay to another making the transportation very very hard and inefficient. I don’t know why the local gov’t can’t put up bridges eh the distance isn’t even that long. Maybe 10-15mins boat ride only, pwede nga ding languyin na lang because parang isang malaking baha lang sya.

That’s why trading of goods is very slow. Goods are carried out through small boats, and when the boat flips over, sayang ang kinabuhi!

Even motorcycles had to undergo that ordeal. Eh direct line of sight pa naman kami ng bagyo! So when the wind turns high and the sky is black, and you are crossing this waters, trust your galon (walang life vests) and dog paddling skills because sila ang magsasalba ng buhay mo. FYI, there had been several motorcycles drowned under these waters.

On Pantawid Pamilya:

And we are building an environment where progress can be felt by the majority. When we began office, there were 760,357 household-beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. Our target: 3.1 million within two years. By February of this year, the three millionth household-beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilya had been registered. Next year, we will enroll 3.8 million—five times what we had at the beginning of our term.

I know the intention is good. BUT! 4Ps (Pantawind Pamilyang Pilipino Program) is not the solution to the problem!!! It’s a short-term and expensive solution!!! I will not say it’s walang kwenta because 1000P++ is clearly a big help to some families, but IMO it is ineffective. Hindi ko rin alam ang solusyon sa kahirapan pero I’m sure, hinde Pantawid Pamilya Program yun. Phils is spending millions of pesos each month for this program. Why not invest those millions in infrastructure, schools, roads, bridges, water system, livelihood trainings, seminars about financial education, scholarships to deserving students, free seedlings, free vaccines etc. Sabi nga, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

This is the pride of our barrio, our water system.

On Education:
Yessss! Edukasyon ang sagot sa kahirapan. Lahat ng bata dapat nag-aarral. Ang kapatid kong si Inday (10 yrs old) is against K+12 Program. I am too! It’s not the right time to implement programs such as that. We need to address more important matters like lack of  school buildings, books, classrooms, laboratory equipment, computers and many many more. The kids in my barrio are soo left behind when it comes to education, even if you add 2 more years, they will not be at par with the kids here in Manila. What is it that makes kids in Manila smarter than the kids in my barrio? I tell you it’s not the QUANTITY BUT QUALITY that matters.

Itaguyod ang tamang nutrisyon! I-implement ang pagkain ng malunggay! I believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. Equip the teachers!!! Adapt the Kumon style of learning!!! I-seminar ang mga parents on how to discipline their kids. We need more books and libraries in the barrio! We need better access to information and internet! During my vacation last June, one student went to our house to ask if we have ENCYCLOPEDIA that she can borrow.Whaaat? Nobody uses encyclopedia in Manila anymore!!! Phased out na! At hinde kami nagkaron ng encyclopedia ever!!!

PUBLIC SERVICE MUNA!!!So to my readers, if you have unused encyclopedias or any other educational books, help me put up a library in my barrio. If you’re willing to donate, email me and I will send you the details – I go home to my barrio once-twice a year. I’ll collate as many as I can before I send them  home because the travel takes a while (1.5 days) and shipping cost is a lot. Masyadong far-fetched pa ang dreams ko to have internet access in remote locations because we don’t have access to stable electricity. Hindi oras ang binibilang pag nag b-brownout, days! Maybe later on, we can donate desktop computers also, but right now, we need more books, that’s my priority.

On infrastructures:

A large portion of our job generation strategy is building sufficient infrastructure. For those who have gone to Boracay on vacation, you have probably seen our newly christened terminal in Caticlan. The plan to expand its runway has also been laid out.

I haven’t ben to Boracay Mr. President, so your example is irrelevant haha. If tourists get turned off with NAIA terminal, how much more if they see this bahay kubo airport in my barriosiete?

Malaking check on RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD. Support RH Bill! I-seminar ang mga nanay/tatay about responsible parenthood.

On Agriculture:

Look at our coconut industry: Coconut water, once treated as a waste product, is now being utilized by our farmers. From 483,862 liters exported in 2009, to 1,807,583 liters in 2010, to a staggering 16,756,498 liters of cocowater exported in 2011. And where no one previously paid heed to coconut coir, we are now experiencing a shortage due to the high demand of exporters. We are not wasting this opportunity: we are buying the machines that will process the coco fibers. We have allocated 1.75 billion pesos to invest in, and develop, this sector.

Why is this info not cascaded to my ka-barrio? We have tons of coconuts and the coconut water just go to waste because many of us don’t know they can be imported lols. Coconut water spoils easily so somebody from the govt, provide us with trainings and seminars on how to prolong the life of the coconut water pls.

On Electricity:

We have suffused the nation with light—and it is this light, too, that has exposed the crimes that occur in the shadowed corners of society. What the Filipino works so hard for can no longer be pilfered. Crime volume continues to decline across the country. In 2009, over 500,000 crimes were recorded—this year, we have cut that number by more than half, to 246,958. Moreover, 2010’s recorded 2,200 cases of carnapping has likewise been reduced by half—to 966 cases this 2011.

My brother just lost his phone 2 days ago. Dapat yata lahat ng Pilipino may kanya-kanyang cellphone, pare-pareho ng model para wala ng cellphone snatchers! Can we impose a better punishment for holdapers and snatchers pls? And can we remove those ineffective police from their posts? Esp. yun mga pulis/sundalo na hinde nagbabayad ng pamasahe sa jeep. Install more CCTVs. Itigil ang political killings sa Pilipinas lalo na sa provincia. My dream is to see this country as a safe haven for every Filipino, every worker, including those that work on night shifts. Pangalagaan ang mga CCP’s (Call Center Professionals!) hehe.

We will close that gap in time; for now, we have good news for government employees: Performance-Based Incentives. In the past, even poorly performing agencies would not have any employees with ratings lower than “very satisfactory.” To maintain smooth interpersonal relations, supervisors would have a hard time giving appropriate ratings. Exceptional employees are not recognized: their excellence is de-incentivized, and receive the same rewards as laziness and indolence.

YES TO THIS. Ang susungit ng mga govt employees you know. I hope the local agencies will implement Customer Satisfaction Survey also. Madami akong mamarkahan ng 0 na taga SSS. Most of them, the guards to cashiers to info. guy, they’re very RUDE.

Amindao naman ako na there have been changes happening. Ramdam ko ang pag bagsak ng $$ earnings ko lols. I think if we all learn to love our country a little bit more, there’ll be a lot more changes to happen. Teachers/parents should educate  students/children to love this country early in life. Stop the OFW mindset because it’s more fun to live in the Philippines!

Philippines has a very long way to go and I am hopeful. Uumpisahan ko ang pagbabago sa barriosiete namin. Charrrrot!



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