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I keep getting stressed out whenever I see my couch at home!! It’s sooo ugly! I need to replace it ASAP and it’s becoming hazardous to my health. I slept on it last night and this morning I woke up having colds/allergies. I’m guessing I had it from those tiny synthetic fibers breaking out from the cover. I really wanna throw it out! I wrote the other day that I’d rather buy new ones than get it upholstered so I’ve been searching around. I want a corner sofa, just like what I have at home, neutral color, budget-friendly and very very durable pleaseee. I really want a leather sofa but the last time I inquired, 3-seater cost around 35,000P already. Too expensive. I want something like this (pictures from Mandaue Foam website):

Bernard L-Shape Sofa

Isn’t it nice? I really like neutral interiors for my apartment.  The black and white here creates a balanced look across my living room, and it looks very clean and modern. Plus, it’s wide that means I can sleep on it at times.

Set of three tree painting

I also wanna buy this set of three tree painting that I can hang on my living room. I think it’s perfect and it’ll blend well with that sofa above. The bubbly pink color can add life to black/white colors. Ahhh I can imagine how pretty it’ll look like. I’m also thinking having a huge family picture (in b/w) hanging somewhere in my living room.

Caprice bed

And lastly, this new bed with functional headboard so I can have a place for my books and other stuff. Eversince I moved out of the house, I haven’t been able to buy myself a bedframe, so I’m used to sleeping on the floor (with bedfoam, of course) and sometimes, on my sofa. But now that I am older, I want a comfortable bed so I can sleep better. Ain’t it nice to come home to a nice apartment after a long and tiring day in the office?

Money come to me! I need these things in my life!!!

Do you also have plans to renovate your apartment? Go go go and do it ASAP, make it a showcase of your personality, it’s your home, your imagination! Check out more of Mandaue Foam’s website, there are a lot of choices there, and here’s their newest TV commercial:


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