Benefits of Cucumber on Skin

I love everything about cucumbers! I like its refreshing scent esp. when blended with melon. I like using cucumber facial cleanser, it relaxes my face. I like to drink cucumber flavored water (first tasted it in Sumo Sam resto), it surprisingly tastes soo good. I like using cucumber colognes and cucumber soap from yardley of london (available in AS IS WHERE IS stores), they smell so fresh and have this cooling effect that soothe your skin.

It has so many benefits. You can eat it when dieting, and you can use directly on your face to help you treat so many skin problems.

Other benefits of cucumbers:

  • rich in antioxidants that can help even out skin pigmentation
  • can rejuvenate dry skin
  • removes freckles
  • can treat sunburns
  • it relaxes muscles and nerves and maintains smooth blood circulation
  • the high water content makes it a diuretic (help rid your body of salt and water)
  • can help remove uric acid, which is beneficial for those who has arthritis

So make sure to include cucumbers in your beauty regimen. It’s inexpensive and all natural!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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