10th Year

This year marks my 10th year as a young professional. Looking back, I realized I have endured many days of hardships during my first few years of working. I had to get to work at night, endure 2hours of travel time from my apartment to the office because of traffic, talk and breathe techie stuff, sleep for 2-4 hrs each day etc. And year after year, it got harder. I had to undergo trainings and absorb all things provided to me, I swear, my nosebled a couple of times during that time because of information overload. Things got worst when I became a member of an elite team lols. We had to wear uniforms once in a while (with a special pin like a military challenge coin) to work. Hay, I don’t wanna go through all that, everyday was a struggle. Everyday, I force myself to wake up and have reasons to go to work. I wasn’t happy and almost quit working.

I endured all that. Now, everything’s very different. I like my job better now. I’m still enjoying it…but not sure until when. If God wills it, I plan to move out of the country this year for better opportunities.

Note to self: Congrats on your 10th yr. It’s time to flee from your comfort zone and rock your world!! Remember HARDWORK WILL NEVER EVER BETRAY YOU.


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  1. liz says:

    congrats malen!!! mabuhay!!

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