Puerto del Sol Raffle Scam

Some beach resort in Laiya

I was in Manila Ocean Park last July 10 for a dental check up when a lady handed me a small piece of paper to fill out for a raffle daw. I asked her what’s it for and who sponsored it. I knew something is fishy right away since she couldn’t give me any details. She said it’s a promo by Puerto del Sol as written on the paper. It’s written very tiny so nobody will bother to read it, I was hesitant but the “free vacation promo” was just too tempting so I filled out the form anyway.

This morning I received a text telling me that I am one of their guaranteed receipients of 3days 2 nights free hotel and beach resort accommodation. Wow, sounds too good. Because I was skeptic, I googled and found out this cheap marketing strategy lures people into buying a timeshare property. They’ll invite you to a presentation and convince you to buy a timeshare. When you buy it, you become a co-owner of a property for a specific period of time, each year. Syempre, being the co-owner, you get to enjoy additional conveniences and comforts, and that’s not for free. It does sound nice but even if I have the money, I will not buy a timeshare. It’s just like buying a vacation package every year amounting to hundreds of thousands! I’d rather plan my own vacation, it’s more fun and exciting and it’s cheaper.

After you refuse their offer, they will hand you out your free vacation voucher but you’ll have to deposit 5K, which will be refunded after the trip is accomplished. Hmmm fishy…that deposit is too big. I wont risk my 5K for that…but if they lower it down to 1K, I might reconsider hehe.

This whole thing is a scam. Ok, I don’t wanna call it a scam…just a shameless money-digging strategy targeting innocent consumer like myself who works hard to provide food for my family. Chos! Good thing I googled first.


Moral of the story, there’s no such thing as a free vacation!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Good thing I google’d it before I call their office…thanks for the post! I knew it that it is a scam because they never put my name on their text…

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