Fearless Habal-Habal Riders

Fearless Habal-habal riders, wearing no helmets!

Every summer, I go home to my beautiful barrio in the Eastern Visayas region for a vacation. I like it a lot there. So laid back and refreshing. And because it’s very remote, it’s not easily accessible. No other public transportation available other than, Jeepneys, which are available during mornings only, and Habal-habal rides, so almost every household there owns a Honda XRM since it’s the best form of transportation vehicle for rough and mountainous roads. I like it because it is very efficient and quick, but it is very prone to accidents. I’ve encountered one in 2006, good thing we were traveling on a muddy road so we didn’t have any injuries. Scary, I know.  The only way to minimize the risks is to provide accessible roads so there will be more jeepneys and other form of transport available and mandate all habal-habal riders (and back riders)  to wear motorcycle helmets when traveling. Not just ordinary helmets, but something that’s capable of providing a protection. I know it’s not easy to implement, my father alone hates wearing a helmet because it’s too hot and heavy, so I’m thinking of buying him a Shoei Neotec helmet, so it wont be too uncomfortable.

I said this many times in my previous entries, and I will say this again. I have high dreams for my barrio (and for every remote barrios in the Phils too) – better school facilities, health care for everyone, stable supply of electricity, computer/internet and better access to roads. Let’s hope the local government listens, stops the corruption and once and for all, take actions.


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