Toni and Liz

Everyone, let’s welcome Toni and Liz into blogdom, fresh from Singapore!!!!

Toni’s Laugh and Roll

I have known Toniiiii since 2002 or 2003 when I started working in XXX. We were both entertainers there, charrrot. She’s very bubbly and funny and spendthrift and sexaaay. One thing that I will not forget about her was that time when she unselfishly gave her Christmas basket to one of our kuyas in the office. I wasn’t expecting that. I figured, she does it every year, we weren’t just aware. It was the first time I’ve seen that side of her and it was heartwarming to me.
The habit of cooking century tuna with corn – I learned from her!
Her favorite motto: I play with my organ. LOLLLL

Liz and so forth

I’ve known Liz for some time, while working in the same company XXX. She’s very petite and a certified chinese cutie! I rem bumping into her each morning in the CR, washing her face, so so flawless, no pores! Memorable moment was during that time when we spent breakkie in Chowking everyday, she never missed a day without eating her century eggs. Also, those times when we listened to her stories and how she and RJ (now her hubby) were going through tough times. Unknown to many, she once starred in a movie hahaha and she’s related to some TV personality!

Have fun blogging, beauties! I’d like to read more of your exciting stories there. If God wills it, I might see you in Singapore soon!


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