Coming Soon! Microsoft’s New Tablet “Surface”

Yaay. I’ve only been a laptop-user for 4 years and it seems that laptops are slowly being phased out in favor of tablets and smartphones. Haaay, so sad for George. I might be disposing him anytime soon.

I waaaaant a tablet! I’m already caught between iPad and Galaxy tab and now here comes another. Can’t decide which one to buy later.  Later as in 5 years later lols.

One thing I like about this surface tab is its cover that functions as a touchscreen keyboard as well. Saves you cash from buying separate accessories. I say it’s a smart idea. I like it because I can use it well when I’m blogging or doing freelance jobs anywhere. BUT! How are you supposed to hold it while the cover is open? You can’t flip the cover 360 deg, can you? Flawed!!!

Other than the cover/keyboard, I don’t know how else this Surface tab is any better than iPad and Galaxy. Is it faster? Does it have a better screen display? We’ll know in the coming days. One thing I’m sure, looks-wise, iPad is still prettier.

So what do you think of this new tablet? Are you buying? Although I want a tablet soooo bad, still, nothing comes close to my Sony VAIO laptop!!! It’s still the best!


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  1. toniiiii says:

    go go go malen bayola lng ng bayola!

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